The Magical Way To Seduce Anyone Instantly The Right Way – Davinci Neptune

The Magical Way To Seduce Anyone Instantly The Right Way- Davinci Neptune - Prosperitylifehacks


A lot of people get into persuasion/sales/seduction for all types of reasons.

I’d expect a lot of time it has to do with saying the right things, doing the right things, avoiding making social mistakes,

The better people get at seduction or persuasion the more in danger they are of their ego getting in their way of their human relationships and their sales/or seduction.

Seduction is about giving people experiences they do want, and not give them experiences they don’t want.

The more you give people what they do want the more people will like you.

The less you give people what they want the less they will like you.

Can this be fake? It can be…

But, you don’t have to do what is fake for you, you can simply do what is real and authentic for you when it comes to seduction.

It’s a matter of choosing your preference or the style you do prefer.

No matter what you choose some people will like it and others won’t.

It will only be fake if you allow it to be fake. If something feels wrong for you can opt to not do it. Or, come back to it later.

In sales their is a golden law that states the customer is always right and this is because they are paying.

You cannot, force people to buy for your reasons.

But, you can convince people to buy for their own reasons.

Most people love the process of buying stuff especially for their own unique reasons.

No one really likes the feeling of people making decisions for them, and this is exactly what most people try to do.

The key is to lead them into making the decision you want to make while keeping your ego out of the picture.

The client or person will only make decisions so long as their free will is in play.

If they choose to bypass their free will in order to maintain connection in a relationship they will just harbor bitterness and resentment.

This is exactly what happens in a incompatible relationship when people are trying to mold the other person into becoming something they are not.

No matter how much you try to make a pig into a lion a pig will simply remain a pig. Unless the technology of science evolves to turn a pig into a lion a pig will only be a pig and nothing else. Because it contains the DNA blueprint of being a pig and as such cannot be anything else.

This is why when it comes to relationships, seduction, sales giving people what they want will always make them happy and make them coming back for more.

And who knows you might eventually love the “new you” who adopts into what the customer/person wanted.

We are always molding and changing and adapting to life and society.

There is nothing wrong or right about this as human species this is the nature of the game.

The dinosaurs didn’t adapt to the ice age and they perished out of existence.

If there is ever a question where you cannot give someone what they want and vice versa you have to question the level of compatibility.

But, the thing is people can easily change their minds, so this isn’t exactly always true, but is a good rule to follow.

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