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Why Men Are Turned Off By Empowered Masculine Women

Why Men Are Turned Off By Empowered Masculine Women

First I want to clarify, I think women being strong, independent, and empowered is a great thing.

The issue is the women who are using the terms “strong,” and “empowered” are really saying it in a way to justify their unattractive qualities and behaviors.

You ever seen a woman say if a man can’t handle me at my worst he can’t handle me at my best?

And they always act like bitches?

They always got something negative to say.

Those are the people often saying I am a strong woman, I ain’t need no man, I am empowered, and I am independent.

People turn their negative flaws into strengths.

In order to protect themselves from admitting they are undesirable and unattractive, they twist everything around.

Fat becomes Skinny.

Ugly becomes Beautiful.

Strong becomes Bitchy

So when I say men are turned off by empowered women it’s more so to this crowd of women who happens to be many.

I have seen many women online make posts complaining about men.

If you ever get specific into the context, you will see a different reality.

Here’s the thing.

Most people are only giving you their side of their story.

So you are actually never seeing the full story.

Because everyone likes to pretend they are the good guy and someone is the bad guy.

And you know something I don’t even care that they do this.

But, dam don’t t lie about it online it’s so obnoxious.

You got all these women complaining about men about everything under the sun and I bet you a lot of is garbage.

These women today just don’t act like women.

You want to be independent?

Pay your own bills.

You don’t need no man?

Cool, stay single.

Men are not masculine anymore!

Yea women are not feminine no more and they are also too masculine now. 

Ladies how about you work on your damn self and stop complaining about men.

High-quality women don’t need to complain about men because they get any guy they want.

Only the women on the bottom of the food chain complain about men.

Because their personality is ugly or they are ugly.

A woman with real beauty, class, high value, and high status, can easily attract high-quality men.


As you see can people complain a lot. I mean a lot. Mostly because they don’t want to admit there is something wrong with themselves.

So they rather blame something or someone for their problems.

Let’s say someone was to trip and fall, they would say something like the wind made me trip.

So when a girl is too strong she says guys are too weak or can’t handle her.

It’s like no bitch!


You are not attractive.

Your strong masculine energy is not attractive to no man.

If you cool with that, then stay single.

The same way that girls are turned off by feminine men.

Men are turned off by masculine women.


A man wants a woman.

A woman wants a man.

A man who is masculine is attractive to women.

A woman who is masculine is not attractive to men.

A man who is feminine is not attractive to women.

I guess you can think of it as men having certain roles.

And a woman has a certain role.

So there need two different sides to create a balanced relationship.

Gerardo about how gay or bi people?

We are not talking about gay or bi people, are we?

We talking about straight heterosexual relationships.

I don’t care about exceptions to the rules.

You can find an exception to anything that doesn’t change the rule.

In either case they will have to find balance in their relationship as well.

The tough girl strong persona that is trending today, especially on social media.

Is rather annoying.

Like I know women want to be strong and feel powerful but you are really giving women the wrong idea.

Men don’t want a masculine empowered woman.

So don’t complain when you don’t get any.

If you don’t want a relationship, then don’t complain.

And don’t say men are too weak.

No bitch, men are not attracted to your vibes or energy.

That’s the honest truth.

This is real talk right here.

Any guy looking to get in a woman’s pants will lie their assess off just to bust a nut.

Men will say anything a woman wants to hear if they think it will get them laid.

They will quack like a duck if they have to.

A masculine woman will compete with a man for everything.

It is very awkward and honestly, it is very toxic.

A masculine woman contains both the flaws of being a toxic man and a toxic female at the same time.

So she is competitive, bossy, bitchy, manipulative, sensitive, emotional, etc. all at the same time.

So one minute you are getting yelled at.

You defend yourself, and she starts crying and you are the bad guy because you put your foot down.

Now let’s say you don’t put your down and let her disrespect.

She yells at you like crazy, you don’t say anything.

She takes this as a sign that it’s okay for her to keep yelling.

Then she loses respect and attraction for you because YOU LET HER YELL AT YOU.

Are you getting this?

In both case, you lose.

You defend yourself she cries.

You let her walk over you she loses respect and attraction.

What’s the answer?

Do what you want.

Just stop caring.

Just don’t concern yourself about how people think and react.

Focus on how you think and how you want to respond.

There are no “right” answers to these things you sort of need to intuitively just find the best ones.

You can read all the seduction tips and tricks you want online.

When a live girl is in front of you, it becomes something else.

So in any case, guys are turned off by empowered masculine women because guys don’t want to date another man.

That’s what an empowered masculine woman is a man with tits and a vagina.

Like listen, if I wanted to date a dude I would just date another dude, you know.