Why We Have Polarities?

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Let me start by defining what is magic.

Magic is everything in life. The tools and resources you use to create your life is magic. Everything that exist because of consciousness.

Everything in life is the polarity being played out between light and dark, good–evil, hot-cold.male-female,  active, passive, master, slave, giver, and receiver.

I am bringing this up because life is this never ending balance of light and dark. In relationships, light and dark exist as well between the masculine and the feminine as well as the multiple versions of themselves they have. Let’s stick to the main topic, though.

Sometimes, it is perfectly acceptable to do dark magic, ideally it is wisely and with the purpose of love, light, and expansion.

Everything in the universe is ultimately about Love. Love is the universal energy that fuels every single action.

The question is there a reason to take negative actions in life?

Sometimes, it is necessary, in order to bring down the balance of certain chemicals or different types of formulas.

Alchemy or spiritual science is the magic of today. Or, occult if you prefer that word.

In the game of life everything is about balance.

There is no such as thing as right or bad, just different types of actions people take. And sometimes, people express their love in different ways. As I said before, it’s all love.

Yet, to go back to the point. Yes, sometimes you do want to get angry to stop people bullying you. Yes, you want to stand up for yourself and not take anyone’s disrespect. Respect, is one of the most highest form of love or appreciation.

People must respect you first thing foremost. Before, they can even love you they must respect you.

In the case of magic, sometimes you will need to use a negative spells or  a negative magic to get someone out of a bad thought-proccess of a bad state of awareness.

For example, let’s say someone is to arrogant, then you would use a humility spell to humble them, so they can, learn a lesson of humility.

Let’s say someone is tired you would give them an energy spell to fuel their body with healthy and nourishment.

Just like baking a cake everything requires a formula the good the bad. A little bit of this, and a little bit of that and bob is your uncle.

But, remember, when it get too hot you shift to the cold to give a different balance or perspective.

This is was the war between good and  evil really is all about. In actuality,, there is no evil as evil is also keeping the light in check.

And light is making sure there world is not in turmoil or in disaster.

Because if there is too much evil, then there will be plenty of  do bad things.

Remember this is your unvierse, and you must take the ownership to balance your life according to your needs and wants.

If you want a loving relationship with the perfect partner who is compatible for your personality then speak up.

The universe can only give you what you ask. And you must ask the universe the right questions. And give the universe the right instructions.

Then the universe will give you what you ask for.

But, be careful what you wish for or you might just get it. Dangerous things has happenen to people who have not heed this warning.

If you don’t know what you want, then it will be difficult to get what you want. Begin by understanding what are you needs and wants. Then find a relationship who is best harmony with your needs and wants while meeting there needs and wants.

Relationship is about love, and once more balance is always in flux in a relationship. The concept of master/slave, is rather inappropriate. Because to source, there is no other. Everyone is the same person manifested in the multiple different people, spread out in multiple galaxies.

Just like color, blue and yellow work very well together. Colors is a great example of how magic works. If you put too much of one thing you mind up going too over which will create an excess of energy in formula. Therefore, you must also use certain colors to balance the energy.

Even, being too nice or too good can be bad. Being too nice can make one too selfless, weak, and unable to go for what you want. And women hate weak men.

Women love brilliant men, who are leaders, powerful magicians, kings, confidence, and plenty more.

When a man is too nice he will need to learn the lesson of masculinity, assertivitenss, aggressiveness, etc.

The same can be for your magic recipes. Too much is bad too little is good.

That is why you must always be measuring. In the game of life the balance is the game. The balance that is alwayss in motion. Do you think you can keep the unverse in perfect balannce?

Do you think you can find the best universe yourself?

Do you think you can find love in your reality?

Remember friends, the universe is always giving you what you put into the machine, therefore, radiate love and light always.

Also, remember your vibrations like vibrations, therefore it’s important you mediate and balance your energy internally because your universe is simply the internal reflected back to you.



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