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Prediction: A Return of Christian Patriachy

Christian Patriarchy

Isn’t it crazy how life is cyclical? This country was founded on Christian values for the last 1000s+ years. It was only recently in the last 100+ years due to Feminism that we stopped being religious and traditional.

People rebelled against the Church and God only to eventually realize that the Structure they were looking for already existed in the Church.

The Church shares positive messages, renews people’s faith and Hope, and keeps people accountable.

The Church instills values in people and morality.

Now why did people rebel against the Church? Some were teenagers and rebelled because they believed it was ‘oppressive’.

Some hated the accountability.

Anyways people can be corrected for their mistakes people will naturally run away from. Why? Because people hate seeing their ego as damaged, any form of criticism is perceived as an attack.

And this can be valid for numerous reasons. Maybe they had parents who constantly criticized or judged them. Maybe their upbringing was full of guilt and trauma.

The Church is about uplifting people’s spirits, it’s also about challenging people’s unhealthy dysfunctions.

Sometimes when your current beliefs/habits are being challenged it is perceived as an attack(trigger-rebuke).

People will protect their old ways with their lives for numerous reasons.

I do think a certain elegance should be done when challenging people’s Sin is required. It’s also probably best if people don’t know how to do this with elegance leave it to the ones who know how to. Typically the elders or the pastors.

How are people supposed to learn how to square each other up? It’s tricky because if one is new at this sort of thing you will offend people and lose people extremely quickly. Yet, with elegance, you can covert people and discipline people with ease.

It is people’s Pride and addiction to the flesh that stops them from changing and improving themselves. What’s that about? Well, especially in a social environment being corrected in public will hurt one’s image. This is why that sort of stuff is generally best done in Private.

Personally, I am excited to see the Revival of the Ancient ways because this new modern culture has proven ineffective in multiple ways.

Modern culture is created out of ignorance, subjective morality, people’s distorted ego, materialism, and so many things un-grounded in reality.

Under The Christian Patriarchy, everyone is instilled in the same beliefs, values, morals,etc. and it’s easier to have common ground and keep each other accountable because we are all agreeing to the standards. The one Jesus has placed in The Holy Bible.

People think Christianity is just about being compassionate.

It is, but I like to think of Christianity as more of a Spiritual Military. It is preparing your mind-body-spirit for spiritual battles.

A lot of people don’t like hierarchy and it’s because they want to get power, become leaders, and skip steps.


Our ego is heavily based on our status compared to the environment.

So what did modern culture do? They created multiple niche environments where they could be leaders themselves.

They fail to realize any environment they are creating is just another variation of The Church just with different cultures, beliefs, and values.

The Feminist are at War against The Patriarchy (men). So they did everything in their power to control and manipulate the culture to keep men disempowered.

You can only cheat the game until everything comes full circle.

If you are Spiritual this is the realm of duality and karma.

When you go from one extreme, you eventually go back to the other extreme.

Women today love Feminism because it ’empowers’ them it lets them get away with multiple things.

It keeps them unaccountable for various poor choices.

It says they don’t have to be responsible for anything.

Feminism never fought for Equality they fought for Special Treatment through playing the Victim.

They guilted and shamed men for the last 100+ years into compromising their standards/boundaries.

And men were gullible to this ploy for multiple reasons.

The Sins of the Mother were getting involved politically and Little boys had no idea what was going on.

So they adapted poorly.

Men, it is time we Smash The Matriarchy! (Satan and his Witches).

How can we do this?

We can do this by getting involved in the culture and politics.

Spread awareness.

Do your research and back up your facts with evidence.

Be ready for them to challenge your views.

Once we get active in culture and in the political space people will see Feminism for what it really was a Lie a Scam and a Power Grab!

It is no coincidence that Western Society was destroyed by Feminism.

One simply just needs to compare the timeline.

I think people got tired of hierarchies and wanted something different, but, what we replaced it with was completely worse.

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