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Can You Cheat The Laws Of The Universe and Law of Attraction?

Can You Cheat The Laws Of The Universe and Law of Attraction? - Gerardo Morillo - Prosperitylifehacks

Some people think they are an exception to the rules of life as if they somehow have something special about them that they “should” get special privileges.

While it is true people are all unique, people are not special.

This is a sort of magical and delusional thinking that people create in their minds.

It can help them manifest their desires, but, normally it just means they will deny reality as it comes if it doesn’t conform to the fantasy in their mind.

When people say you are special it’s not intended to feed their ego and make others feel superior. It is intended to make them feel good, not to be taken literally. Everyone is “special” and unique in their own right.

Everyone provides value in life.

People’s beliefs are best when it helps them create the desires they want.

However, when people start thinking they are special and somehow can cheat the rules of the universe they will eventually realize the universe doesn’t play favorites.

The universe operates in a way synonymous with the intrinsic principles of natural sciences such as mathematics, biology, and chemistry.

Often times people do things, and get success, but don’t fully understand what made them successful.

They will say what they think worked for them but usually, there is no real meaningful link behind what they said. They are simply just guessing.

And because of this, some people will do what works, but something strange happens things start to fall apart and their life starts to become a chaotic mess.

Why is this?

The universe can give and can it can take.

So while you may have been rewarded temporarily for some of the good things you did do, that doesn’t mean you will get away with the other parts that are not in alignment.

You can get small hiccups of success and then go right back down again because you are not fully ready to get to the next level in your life.

And until people work in harmony with the laws of the universe they will continue to repeat the same cycle of their lives they do not want.

If they work with the universe the universe will comply and give them everything they want. But they have to be willing to change the aspects of themselves that are not in alignment with their desires.

If you do not become a match to your desire then you will get your desire. It is as simple as that.

What does that even mean? It means all your parts are in harmony with what you say you want, there is no resistance to your goals, and your values are in alignment with your desires. It will very much feel like magic once you get this down because everything sorts of re-organizes around you. Like the very nature of reality has been rearranged by your wishes and command.

The universe will aim to fix glitches in the system and balance people accordingly.



Revelation 3:16

So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.

Let’s just focus on what the sentence means and not whether you are religious or not

People who are lukewarm are in between.

These are the indecisive people who you never really know where they stand.

So when people are lukewarm with the universe the universe gets confused.

You have one foot in and one foot out.

So the end result is you may get a little but not the whole thing.

If you have one foot on the gas and one foot on the breaks what happens?

Yes, nothing, you just move in place not going anywhere.

This isn’t about being “black” or “white” it’s about fully committing to what it is you want.

If you half commit you are declaring you are not really sure what you want.

And, if that is the case how does the universe know what to give you?

People have formed this belief they are somehow special and can get away with some of their actions.

But, the good and bad deed is like a boomerang that comes back full circle.

But what about people that have gotten away with it?

Most criminals do not go to jail on their first act of crime. They usually perform a series of crimes before they are eventually caught.

And the ones that do get away with it, get greedy because they think since they got away with it the first time they can do it again.

Let’s pretend a pair of bank robbers robbed the bank successfully.

They grin in excitement and pleasure with all the money they have successfully stolen.

They quickly burn through the money they have stolen and figure it’s time for a new heist.

So, they go back to another bank and use their methods, but this time they were BUSTED.

The other bank has informed the other banks of the methods the robbers used to help the other bank’s security.

While the punishment and balancing do not always happen instantly it eventually comes one way or another.

“I have tried and it’s not working for me!”

This goes back to are you being lukewarm? Are you half-in and half-out?

If you are fully committed to your goals then you will be moving towards the life you want.

But, if you have things like resistances or blockages that are getting in the way then it will slow down the journey until you deal with those.

Attraction is not instant nor is it always guaranteed.

It simply means you are HIGHLY MORE likely to magnetize the vibes you are putting out.

You could be having a great day and you slip on a banana peel and everyone laughs at you.

But the difference is how you respond to the situation.

Do you keep your cool or do you crash and burn at the tiniest thing?

It could also mean deep down you really don’t want what you say you want.

You have to be completely honest and naked with the universe.

Let the universe know you and it will magically bring you what you want in life.


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