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Here’s How You Can Save The World(do you want to help the world be a better place?)

Here's How You Can Save The World(do you want to help the world be a better place)? - Gerardo Morillo

Dear Friend,

I know you are reading this now and you are probably really angry with how corrupt the world has become.

It’s okay to use that anger and channel it in a way that is right for you.

What is not okay is letting that energy inside of you pent up letting EVIL run around the world.

There comes a point in time when you realize – enough is enough!

If you just sit and allow EVIL to run rampant, don’t complain when your life starts to become a living hell.

You likely were the type to sit back and mind your business.

But, you are starting to become very AWARE something is really wrong with the world.

EVIL people don’t rest, and that is why we need HEROES to stand up for what is right in the name of LOVE AND JUSTICE.

Just sitting there letting life pass you means you are not either helping or hurting the world.

Personally, I would rather someone who doesn’t get involved than someone who is actively hurting the world.

But, if you just sit on the sidelines you are not helping the problem either.

So friend I ask you that you muster up the bravery you need and pick up your sword and fight against the war that is going on today.

No, it’s not WWIII but it’s spiritual battles that are being fought daily.

And we need warriors who will come and slay the evil-doers from releasing hell with their lips that they speak that contains evil in their hearts.

Every day people die in the war vs. evil.

People have been losing their souls against the warlocks that have corrupted their minds.

Are you just going to let your friends and family get slaughtered like pigs getting ready to be eaten like bacon?

Maybe this does not interest you very much now.

But, it will in the future when you realize just how much this is IMPACTING your OWN LIFE.

And if you are here today that is because you are a smart one.

Everyone here has been training for spiritual warfare for many years now.

At the moment there is an ugly witch disguised as a human with a beautiful face.

She needs to be stopped at all costs!

Her name is Poison Ivy.

She is the master of illusions casting powerful hexes against men and women to see what isn’t real.

Her magic is quite powerful she can make people see what does not EXIST, but, can also make people believe something that isn’t real.

She lures men with her fake beauty, and promises they will get what they desire if they listen to what she has to say.

She tells them words that sound sweet like honey, only to, destroy their hopes and dreams, by promising they can get anything they want by visiting the deep dark places of their mind.

Most people believe her because the evil witch is disguised as a youthful innocent beautiful woman.

She is disguised as an ordinary human.

But, that is only so she can lure you into her lair.

Once you are there, she has you under her spell.

And to be honest friend, it can be out hard to SNAP OUT of the spell she has put you in.

I should know I was under her spell, but that’s a long story, we can save for another day.

It took me many days to recover the wounds that have been inflicted on my spirit.

But, as I was lying there, I never gave up HOPE.

While I was tending to my wounds, EVIL has been spreading like wildfire.

I looked out to the world and saw all the damage that has been done and felt so helpless and powerless.

It made me so mad how powerless I was.

I promise I will tell you the story another time, but right now, we got other matters to attend to.

This is why I – WE need you.

The FATHER OF LIES and his army of evil witches and evil warlocks are out there manipulating people into doing EVIL.

How can you help?

You can help by taking your sword or wand and do battle.

If you can fight then fight.

If you can heal then heal.

By spreading THE GOOD WORD you can help free us all.

Just like WATER puts out FIRE.



We can help restore peace to our kingdom.


It’s not easy friend we all know this.

These are difficult times.

But, if we do not do our part in the world we may not have a world to live in.

So, I ask you friend before it’s too late.

Will you help us restore HEAVEN on EARTH before EARTH becomes HELL?