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How To Attract and Manifest Your Dream Partner(using the law of attraction)

How to manifest and attract your dream partner

How To Attract and Manifest Your Dream Partner

Do you want to attract your dream partner? Below is a list of some things to do and avoid.

  • Use your heart not your head
  • Stop doubting yourself and the process
  • Let yourself be vulnerable
  • Take the risk
  • Risk rejection
  • Think about the positives
  • Forget your past relationships
  • Think of the qualities you would like in a partner
  • Avoid imagining what could go wrong
  • Get excited and allow yourself to feel good about the potential relationship
  • Don’t wait for the right or perfect conditions
  • Create space for someone to enter your life


Notice how all of these are basically the opposite of conventional relationships?

That’s because this is how to attract LOVE not sex, not a casual relationship, a Loving relationship. Which is different from say other types of relationships.

Yes, these are all scary and risky games.

But this is what love requires of you.

As they say, scared money don’t make money.

The same can be true for love.

You can’t hold on to your ego and get love at the same time.

Doesn’t work that way.

Your ego needs to die to receive love.

This means you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable and take a chance.

Allowing your heart to be completely naked and vulnerable is the scariest thing you will have to do in your life.

But, if you don’t take the risk and play it safe you won’t get anything.

For a long time, I wondered what was keeping me from attracting love.

And then it hit me.

I was trying to get love while still holding onto the ego, holding onto fears, avoiding rejection, and many other negative limitations.

You can’t get what you want by skipping the inner-healing.

You can’t get a fit body without exercising.

And this is what people try to do with everything, but especially love.

And that is because love is scary, requires vulnerability, and is risky.

So what people do(myself included) is they try to get into relationships while still holding onto all their negative and toxic energy.

So, even if they do get into a relationship it will be highly dysfunctional and toxic.

If you want love, you have to stop lying to yourself.

You have to let yourself be completely naked and open for someone to connect to your heart.

No one is saying this is easy, this is why very few people have love in their life.

You have to make the decision you are going to go all out for anything but especially love.

Anything short of your 100% heart will ruin the risk of attracting love into your life.

I am not saying go out to any random stranger and open your heart and life to them.

What I am saying is – BE OPEN and inviting for love to enter your life.

When the opportunity presents itself, you won’t ruin it, sabotage it, etc.

Physical attraction?

Find someone who has the look you won’t ever get bored of.

There has to be some level of physical attraction.

But, the most important thing is the emotional, mental, and spiritual connection.

Physical attraction has more to do with lust and sex.

A loving relationship is more from the heart space.

Qualities to look for?

What are some qualities you admire? What are some things you think would create a loving relationship?

To name a few – look for acceptance, patience, love, kindness, etc.

How do I know if I found the one?

How do you feel for this person and how do they feel about you?

You will know when you found ‘the one’ when the space of energy between you two is pure and loving.

There is a space of acceptance.

When you found your dream partner you will know.

You can’t take this person out of your mind.

You find yourself daydreaming about them wishing to see them.

You feel good things whenever you think about this person.

Spiritually speaking, when you found the one, you will see that you and the other person attract each other like a magnet.