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How To Make Girls Lust After You


Life is a game of supply and demand.

People want things other people want.

When you are desirable you become more desirable.

Success breeds success.

When girls see other girls as desiring you they start to fight for you.

In their mind they perceive you as more valuable because other girls perceive you as more valuable.

Girls are programmed biologically to find the alpha.

Alpha is basically the leader who gives instructions on what to do and how to win at life.

The alpha in ancient times were the ones hunting food and providing food.

Women were attracted to the successful hunters.

Because being successful at hunting meant they will be provided for.

Thus, this attraction gene is passed down.

It is important to understand, no matter what a woman says.

She is programmed to be attracted to certain type of men.

That’s why you never listen to what women say they want.

Instead, watch their reactions and see what they are attracted to you.

When she is attracted – she will chase you and want to be with you.

If she is not attracted she won’t want to be with you or want to have sex.

If she is not attracted she won’t look interested or seem to enjoy your company.

The bottom line is you have to radiate XYZ qualities that are attractive to women.

This is also depended on the girl and the environment, so keep that in mind as well.

Different girls have different tastes.

So if you are seducing a specific woman you have to learn what her desires, and wants, and basically understand her so deeply to make her happy.

Your beliefs about yourself are what women will pick up.

Women will be attracted by the positive qualities of men.

Women will be repulsed by the negative qualities of men.

So basically, if you want women to like you have to ATTACH those qualities onto yourself.

The body language, the vibes, etc.

Between the ages of 0-30 never waste time on women.

Never waste time on one girl.

Your chance of finding the perfect girl or your soul mate is lower than winning the lottery.

You will have a better chance of winning the lotto than finding your soul mate.

So, instead, play around learn different women.

Experience yourself.

The goal is to be the best man you can be.

The prize is not in the woman.

Women are really just a means to an end.

If you find the right girl, so be it.

But, until then, you are working on yourself as a man.

In this day and age, I don’t recommend dating.

I recommend just making friends, and hooking up with whoever you get along with.

Dating is a waste of time.

Relationships are a waste of time.

The number of money women will cost you is too much.

The amount of time and energy they will cost you is too much.

So know how much you are willing to invest into this because this is a big commitment.

Anyways, success indicators.

Money, car, house, friends, etc.

Anything that highlights you in a positive light will be considered attractive to women.

Again, what she says or thinks is irrelevant.

Only care about what she is attracted to.

I give zero shits what a woman thinks or says.

If her emotions are responding differently that is what I am listening to.

She can say she likes nice guys yet fucks fuck boys.

She can say she doesn’t care if a man has money or not yet all the guys she is dating are making $100,000+.

Women are not the prize.

You becoming your greatest version is the prize.

There is a reason why girls are not attracted to men who prioritize them first.

Because it means he doesn’t have a life of his own and he is not doing anything for himself.

Which is a bit counterintuitive.

Women logically like a guy who focuses on her.

But, she won’t be attracted to a man who doesn’t have a mission of some kind.

Think superheroes for example.

The best guys with the ladies are like superheroes.

Superman saves the world and then is a normal person during the day.

The point is to have something bigger than women that you are working on.

Most women know guys are horny and desperate for a woman’s attention.

So they use this to their advantage.

Women play the game to their benefit.

Women use the woman card at their convenience whenever they can.

If you are just chasing women she will clump you under the box of every other guy.

But, when you have bigger ambitions than women they will wonder why.

And it will radiate a very attractive vibe that is different than the rest of the other guys.

Without being too specific here are a few:

  1. Business
  2. Spirituality
  3. A Mission

Eventually, you want to be this attractive man that girls desire naturally.

You want to carry that vibe wherever you go.

And you will notice how people start to respond to you.

And they will notice you noticing them.

And then the game is on!