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How your internal creates your external(law of attraction)

How your internal creates your external(law of attraction)

What is impressed in the mind is expressed.

In order for someone to do a thing it needs to be a memory, they stored in their mind.

Memories are created by experiences, thoughts, actions, etc.

The memories that are dominant in your mind become your ‘programs’ or your dominant way of interacting with the universe.

You also have a filter that protects your programs so they don’t get altered – but we will talk more about that some other time.

So part of becoming vibrationally ‘aligned’ is having your programs/dominant thoughts-emotions/memories be in alignment with that ‘thing’.

Or in other words, your energy and vibrations match the energy and vibrations of your desire.

There are plenty of ways to think about how this works.

Maybe it’s magic.

Maybe it’s just tricking yourself into doing what you want.

Maybe it’s source(God) realigning you with the energy you transmit.

Or, maybe it’s just reorganizing your mind to make your mind filter for your preference in a selective way.

To put simply reorganizing your mind to select what you want and will you will take action on that thing.

However, way this works is a mystery to me. I am still trying to figure out the exact way this works.

No matter how you believe the law of attraction(or mirroring if you prefer) works it is working based on what is happening internally within yourself.

Yes, there might be exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, the internal creates the external. This concept here gets way too complex on the exact mechanism if you want to be exact on how the internal and external compete to form your reality. Your internal still shapes your reality regardless. You choose how you want to look at the world and how you want to respond to the world. Life can be unfair at times, no doubt, but if you are drowning you can choose to keep drowning or swim back to shore. That’s a choice you make.

And the really good magician and witches don’t even need to know the exact precise science of how this operates. All they simply need to know is what they focus grows, and like attract like. Generally, speaking that is good enough.

The part that gets tricky though, are the subconscious blockages.

So while it may be true you get what you focus on – it cannot happen if something is blocking it.

For example, take a guy who really wants to talk to a girl.

He walks over, but, fear kicks in, and instead of approaching the cute girl he likes he runs away.

The guy with no blockage sees the same cute girl and approaches her, talks to her, and grabs her number and they live happily ever after(just kidding!)

Does the guy in the second scenario know he is using the laws the right way? No, of course not he just knows me see girl, me talk to girl.

So anything that you really desire is for the most part supposed to be easy to attract and manifest.

If you are running towards your goals in a straight line you will get it eventually.

But, if resistances pop up, blockages, or whatever, it will take much longer to get the thing you want.

Now, let’s go back to the previous example.

A girl with resistance – will get nervous, avoid, or run away from the conversation(even if she is interested).

The result – the guy thinks she is not interested.

Now, a girl who is interested and has no resistance, will be happy the guy approached her and will look interested.

Girl 1 blocked her desire, girl 2 attracted her desire.

Like it or not the universe has strange mechanics in play when it comes to getting what you want.

But, it generally is very simple – go after what you want, be motivated, and keep going until you get it…

If you really want something you will find a way.

However, it is also true you are just misusing your mind to not get what you want even though you do want your desire.

If something is preventing you from getting what you want.

Ask yourself what is blocking me from going after what I want or receiving what I want.

For the guy above it could be a lack of confidence.

For the girl above it could be insecurities.

Everyone knows mindset is everything, but developing the mindset to create what you desire is totally another thing.

Knowing and doing are two different things.

You can know everything in the world, but if you have blockages you will prevent something from manifesting.

Sometimes, even though you have the mindset you may not have the required skill set for the desire.

Which I think is rare because if your mindset is strong usually the person will develop the skillset someway.

But, if you do lack the skill then read books on your subject of choice.

Or practice the skill(whatever it is).

For example, let’s say you have poor social skills, read how healthy people communicate.

You can have a strong mindset but poor social skills which will ruin your relationships.

Which can then lead to weakening your mindset.

Let’s say you wanted to learn how to drive a car it would something like this.

“I want to drive a car because I need a better way to go to work” so this person goes online to do their homework.

Then takes lessons, then successfully learns how to drive.

So you friend just having a strong mindset is not enough.

Usually a strong mindset is good enough but sometimes you may be lacking the required skills, traits, etc.

Let’s say you want a happy marriage, but all your marriages end up in divorces.

You have to internalize two things – what is it about me that is not making these relationships work and what do I need to know to make these relationships work.

Bad example, I know, because most relationships fail anyways, but the point is you can change something about yourself to get better relationships.

Okay, let’s recap

Your internal world shapes your external world.

You need the right mindset(inner world).

You need the right skillset(outer skill).

Blockages can stop your ability to attract or receive your desires.

Your dominant patterns(thought-emotions-memories) will determine what you unconsciously focus on and gravitate towards(attract).

So your patterns attract things into your life.

Until you change your internal world you won’t attract different results into your life.

I hate to say there is no magic bullet for this.

If you want to manifest what you want you will have to do your part.

The universe will bring you what you want, but you have to change your inner world to match and reflect the kind of reality you really want to live.

If the reality you live in right now is not a reflection of what you desire it means something needs to be changed.

If you are resistant to change for whatever reason, you won’t attract what you want or you will continue to push what you secretly desire.

Change is not always easy, it takes time, and if you slowly change your mindset you can get anything you want.


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