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Power Is Not The Problem

Power Is Not The Problem

Many people think I am against “power,” but what I am really against is the MOTIVE for individuals seeking power.

Allow me to explain.

Some people think power for all types of reasons and most of them are not from a healthy motivation.

What is healthy motivation? A positive motivation internally that motivates you to get power.

For example, protecting your family and loved ones is a good motivation for power.

Standing up against bullies is another good reason for power.

Now let’s take a look at a few others.

“I want to get power because I felt powerless growing up”

“I want to get power because I am afraid of other people”

It’s not the desire in of itself it’s the place it comes from.

Is your desire from a healthy expression. Why is this even important? If you don’t have a good relationship with your desire you won’t attract it or attract a negative consequence with it.

For example, “I want power because I want revenge for all people who made me feel powerless” yes you may obtain power, but, you will most likely be fueled with rage and hatred.

Versus, if you change, the desire to I want power because I want to feel safe.

Notice how it’s the same thing but the wording and outcome of one is healthier and thus better.

As a spiritual seeker I am also interested in power that is part of understanding life. But, I self regulate and monitor is my desires healthy or not healthy.

One of my desires to become immortal which you need power to obtain. In this case, of gaining immortality power is not a bad thing.

Why do I want immortality? I desire to continue to explore myself and expand myself. And death is quite simply the elimination of growth as far as we know.

Or perhaps, I just fear death, whose to say.

I am not saying don’t chase power.

What I am saying is be careful of what lies in your heart as you chase power. Because ultimately that can lead to your demise.

No, I am not against power. Power is great when used responsibility.

However, power when corrupted leads to the death and destruction of millions.

A gun can kill a man or it can save a man.

A gun is a gun but how it’s used is what matters.

“With great power there must also come great responsibility”

I am not against power my friend, I am against power that stems from evil in ones’ heart.

You see, power can protect, empower, but it can also kill and corrupt.

There is a light side to power and a side dark to power.

It’s okay to be ambitious, but not your desire for power blinds you and controls you. Are you on top of your desires or does your desire for power control you? That’s the issue with these sorts of question. The deeper you go the more you run in the chance for finding darkness. And darkness breeds more darkness.