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Stop Letting Satan Destroy Your Dreams

Stop Letting Satan Destroy Your Dreams

Stop Letting Satan Destroy Your Dreams

Manifest what you want should be very simple in theory.

It’s simple but not easy(it can be though).

You focus on what you want, you are motivated to get it, and you take daily action until you get it.

So it looks like Focus –> Motivation –> Daily Action –> Desire

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Imagine you were in a fight.

You are fighting your dark self.

Your dark self wants you to lose and fail.

It causes you to doubt yourself and make you feel you are not capable or good enough.

And the thing is – if this is accepted as a ‘truth’ then it becomes your reality.

When going for want you want you will be filled with doubt, fear, resistance, etc.

Once negative energy is in your system it becomes very difficult or impossible to get your desire.

And this is because once fear is in the system anytime you think of the desire you immediately feel the fear instead.

So before it was a positive motivation to get the desire it became a fear.

Let’s say a guy really likes a girl.

He approaches a girl he really likes.

She likes him too but is nervous, insecure, and doesn’t feel confident enough.

So she rejects him on the spot.

She still likes him and thinks he is going to continue chasing.

The guy, gave up after the first rejection.

So, now whenever he sees the girl he is filled with disappointment and fear.

The girl is confused, she doesn’t understand.

The guy said he liked her so why isn’t he confident or chasing anymore.

She doesn’t understand all it takes is ONE REJECTION or ONE NEGATIVE  EXPERIENCE to form a negative attachment to something.

The guy in the story already gave up on the girl, being rejected is a big blow to your ego.

The girl started to feel more confident and she became started to chase after the guy.

And sometimes this back and forth dance can go on for a long time.

What is the problem?

They are not in alignment at the SAME TIME.

So while they do like each other, they are not quite aligned when they need to be.

If the guy is the type to give up after one rejection – that relationship is OVER.

Some girls don’t quite understand this…

They live in some sort of romance novel story.

The reality is people will run away from the slight pain or discomfort.

Especially in the beginning.

If someone just meets you and they fail pain or discomfort.

The relationship will end almost instantly.

People will trust their first instinct.

They are not going to stick around and sit through the pain and wait for the relationship to all of sudden be worth it.

No, that’s a waste of time.

That’s the equivalent of working a job and not getting paid.

Yea, you can work, if you like to work, but you are not getting paid so it’s not rewarding it’s a waste of time.

In the above example if the guy swallows his pride and ego the relationship can be redeemed.

But here’s the thing you shouldn’t EXPECT people to do this.

You should never really expect anything really.

You should expect people to act in alignment with the integrity of their vibration.

In reality, it’s not that people are stupid or dumb, they just don’t know the ‘right answer’.

If everyone knew how to use their mind and form better relationships there will be less of a problem forming and maintaining relationships.

But, let’s go back to the main topic.

Satan is anything that is causing you to fail at getting what you want.

Satan is the LIAR in your mind TEMPTING you to GIVE UP.

People’s spirits are really fragile, especially in low vibration.

Keep that in mind.

What level of awareness and vibration is this person?

You can’t force someone to meet you at their level.

You have to meet them at their level and raise them up.

I know we like to say people need to rise up if they want to chill with me.

But, in the context of relationships, you have to meet your partner WHERE THEY ARE AT.

They can’t meet you where you are at because THEY ARE NOT THERE YET.

What do you do if you are higher level spiritually than your partner?

Accept your partner where they are currently, don’t shame them or make them feel bad for where they are at.

Why are they your partner if you are ashamed of them or have no respect for them?

If you are with your partner it’s because you must see potential in them.

Work it out with them.

Help them to improve.

Help to become their best version.

Not by bossing them around.

By teaching them newer ways to think.

By boosting their confidence.

By encouraging them.

By motivating them.

By appreciating their efforts.

If you do this your partner will naturally rise up vibrationally and spiritually.

Even nonspiritual people have their own version of this.

And it’s called working it out together.

Arguments, conflicts, disagreements, and differences of opinions will be in EVERY RELATIONSHIP.

How you handle the difference between you and your partner can make or break your relationship.

Let’s put this in perspective no matter who your partner is there will always be differences.

So have to take that into consideration.

Your partner is NOT A CLONE OF YOU.

How Marriages End In Divorces

This is how marriages fall apart.

They get divorced in their minds first.

They start to form negative thoughts.

Do not suppress the negative thoughts but do not purposely think negative thoughts.

This is flow.

When you appreciate and love your partner you will have a happy and loving relationship.

It’s weird how simple that sounds.

But watch how better your relationship is when you appreciate them and love them as they are.

The paradox is because you love them, appreciate them, and accept them they WILL NATURALLY IMPROVE.

This is the opposite of trying to change your partner.

Changing your partner sends the signal you don’t like them.

It tells them they are not GOOD ENOUGH.

If you simply accept, appreciate, and love your partner for who and how they are right now the paradox is they will LEVEL UP NATURALLY.

Obviously, you address things that need to be addressed.

But, people today are so quick to complain, blame, and shame their partners.

These disagreements send the signal you are not compatible.

Even if that’s not true, people will eventually feel it is not working out.

Doubt and Fear kill dreams.

So many people live in fear they never actually start anything.

Some people start working towards their dream only to quit when doubt and fear kick in.

When you want your dreams more than you feel fears you will manifest anything you want.

It is really difficult to stay motivated when the external reality keeps giving you reasons to give up.

Here’s the thing your INTERNAL REALITY needs to be stronger than the EXTERNAL REALITY.


Every time you let the external make you doubt yourself, you are losing the fight.

Pretend the universe we live is a virtual world that is created by the thoughts we have.

So when you turn off the light bulbs from the external world(or close your eyes) you will see the magic that is there.

This is the secret of the ages.


Where can I go where you are not.

Be like a reborn Christian and practice your faith.

Put your Faith in THE LORD.

Your desire to create your dreams needs to be stronger than your FEARS.

Every time you feel fear remember you are more powerful than anything life can throw your way.

With the faith of a mustard seed, you can move a mountain.

Do you not see how powerful you are?

Satan can only enslave you if you keep hanging out with Satan like he’s your friend.

Satan is not your friend, Satan is a LIAR.

He is the tempter who wants you to quit on your dreams.

He wants you to never wake up.

He wants your eyes always open so you can never see the world within.

Turn the lights off and start believing in the magic inside yourself.

Do you not realize you are a CHILD of GOD who Created You and LOVES YOU.

God says why don’t you put your trust in me.

Do you not believe in the power I have?

I have created the entire universe and the multi-universe.

Why do you doubt yourself, my child?

Don’t you see just how powerful you really are?

You need to shake the cobwebs off because the external world has stolen your power.

I the LORD who has Created The World Can do ANYTHING.




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