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Two Worlds At One Time

Two World At One Time

There are two worlds going on in real-time.

The spiritual world and the physical world.

The things in the spiritual world are materialized in the physical.

Anything you can think of will transfer from the spiritual to the physical.

This is partially what we mean when we say put your trust in GOD.

You don’t know the exact way creation is created, but you know it is happening.

In the same way, you can’t see air but you can feel it.

There are so many invisible forces that exist but you can’t see.

The spiritual world works that way, just because you cannot see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Anything in the spiritual world is transferred to the physical.

Ideas, things, beliefs, relationships, etc.

This is hard to believe at first, especially at the beginning of learning this.

But, once you start to see how you think attracts the experiences and things you attract it becomes as clear as day.

This is why I put such a big emphasis on mindset.

This is why I say the internal creates the external.

Have you been somewhere else or doing something in your mind but in the physical world you were busy?

I know I have.

I do things all the time in my mind that has nothing to do with what I am doing in physical world.

What you practice in your mind becomes what you create, attract, and manifest in your reality.

So start practicing the things you want to experience in your life.

Can you think of something you want right now?

What if let’s say you got it right now how would it feel?

Can you feel all the sensations?

I would like for you really feel all those things as if it was really happening.

Do you feel that?

That is the power of your mind.

You can get into any state by thinking about it and really feeling the emotions.

It does take practice but just like exercise, you can master this.

You can improve your ability to get anything you want the more you practice in your mind.

Right now at the time of writing this, my mind is in a happy place.

And I feel all the blissful feelings that come with that happy place.

Did you ever think about eating something and all of the sudden your mouth starts to salivate?

What is your favorite food you like to eat?

Something that is delicious or something that makes you feel good.

It can be anything, even sweet things!

Now, in anticipation of eating the food, you start to crave it a little more do you not?

You have to really let yourself get into it, or let the mind do its thing.

If you somehow block it for whatever reason you will interrupt the process.

Imagine you were eating your favorite food right now.

Could you taste the flavors?

Can you imagine the taste in your mind as if it was actually happening now?

Yes, I bet you can.

And that is the power you have with your mind.

You can create anything you want there.

You can feel anything you want there.

Think of whatever things are lovely.

Clothe yourself for all the things you want to feel.

Now, pretend you were like a kid playing pretend, you start to feel things do you not?

I know I do.

Whatever, I imagine I can feel their emotions or sensations of them.

Some things can be harder for personal reasons.

The same can be said with you.

The key thing is you keep practicing what you WANT and what you want to FEEL.

And as you focus on those things, your intuition will change.

Your intuition notices what you are thinking of and feeling and it says – OH you really want this.

So then your intuition comes up with ways to make it happen.

People who can’t do this for whatever reason can’t do it for limiting beliefs or they are purposely blocking it themselves.

For example, let’s say I said don’t think about your favorite food.

Did you think about your favorite food?

If you did, you allowed it.

If you didn’t, you blocked it.

Powerful creators trust their intuition and allow the process to smoothly unfold.

People who struggle with getting what they want always find a way to make their life a struggle.

But there you are thinking about all these wonderful things and feeling all those pleasurable feelings.

What if your physical life can be as great as your imagined life?

Well, it can be!

You just have to practice in your mind what it is you WANT and what you want to FEEL.

Then let your intuition LEAD you to where you want to GO.

If negative thoughts pop up, you destroy them right away because you know that will ruin your intuition.

When the intuition gets conflicted signals it becomes very confusing.

It starts to doubt, yet has desires at the same time.

You don’t have time for doubt.

You are too busy and have important things to do than to waste time on things that are going to waste your time.

Just focus on what you do want and never let your mind wander off to dangerous places and watch the universe give you everything you want.

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