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What Are You Resisting?(discover how to destroy resistance)

What Are You Resisting?(discover how to destroy resistance)

No matter how bad your life was in the past you can choose to change your life.

It’s not easy.

I don’t know your current situation as you are sitting there and reading this.

You are where you are.

Accept it’s okay.

Don’t beat yourself up for it.

Just understand you are healing and you are working to improve yourself.

There is no shame in that.

The first step to healing is admitting you need help or you need to improve something.

Life is about improving and becoming our greatest version.

You are an art that is never finished.

You are the painter constantly changing the art.

Look at the great things in your life.

You have been blessed with so much.

Life is hard for everyone.

We all make the best of it.

But we all have a choice and that is we can either choose to dwell on all things lovely or we can worship sin.

We always have a choice.

Tell me child, what is that you lack in your life?

How do you wish your life could be different?

Let’s play a game of what if.

What if you could make your perfect reality right now how would that look and feel like.

What kind of things would be there or not be there.

Is it much different than the life you currently have?

From a pure detail perspective sure there is a difference.

But, from a structure standpoint, there isn’t much difference.

You have a home, a family, some stuff, work, a hobby, etc.

The structure is rather the same for all lifestyles.

That is essentially what you are trying to change the lifestyle of your reality.

All life is the same.

The only thing that changes is your lifestyle.

Your Mindset is crucial for constructing the reality you Desire.

Let’s pretend you had everything right now you needed to be Happy.

Would you be happy yes or no?

Or, would you be looking for reasons to NOT be Happy.

If the answer is yes, then what you seek is a complete reality change.

If the answer is no, then there is no reality that would make you happy, instead, you need a change of MINDSET.

Why is it that some people are rich and Depressed?

Why is it that some people are rich and Happy?

Most likely the difference is Mindset.

People who appreciate what they have are always happier than people who don’t.

You don’t need things or even money to make you happy.

You need a change of mindset.

By disciplining your mind you can then control your emotional states.

If your life is a constant warzone between APPLES or ORANGES you are living in a high stress, high anxiety, and whatever else environment.

Your mind should be as peaceful as still waters.

Imagine yourself taking a shower and just lying there all relaxed.

How much stress are you having when you are taking a shower?

None right?

Your mind-body, if you want peace, should be like water.

Still waters.

When you go traveling on an airplane don’t you prefer the trip to be with less turbulence.

It’s less stressful and just more relaxing is it not?

Your energy field is a balance of energy.

This means energy that are not harmonized creates disharmony in your body which manifests itself as sickness or negative reality.

This is fairly common knowledge most people understand that everything is mental.

The true test is learning and knowing how to apply this wisdom to create anything you want to create.

If you are not getting what you want in life, something is not working(most likely).

Sometimes things take time.

Sometimes your goals are too big.

Sometimes you need to align yourself with your desire.

When you are aligning yourself to your desire Energy must be re-arranged to match the new Desire.

This means old blocks must go.

This means healing some areas.

This means healing your past so it doesn’t ruin your present.

The easiest thing to do is to simply focus on what you want to create and let your intuition guide you in the right direction.

If there is a problem, then you check for ‘issues’.

Some people call it shadow.



Whatever, you wish to call it, just check-in with yourself and try to understand what is preventing you from taking action or what is it about you that is pushing away what you want.

People have things outside of their awareness that mess with their ability to manifest what they want.

You can literally do anything with a change of mindset.

Imagine if you had the ability to download someone’s mindset, you would likely start getting similar results as that person.

*This is why having role models and guidance is helpful*

Role models and mentors help us learn new things.

They also help us see what we can’t see in ourselves.

Our biases keep us from seeing our own faults.

But when you look at other people it’s rather easy finding faults.

Your own? Not so much.

This makes sense because your eyes are looking outwards not inwards.

Everyone has blockages and internal issues.

There is not a single human being on planet earth who has never had a negative experience.

The difference is your mindset and how you wish to approach your reality.

If you choose to think of yourself as a victim that needs saving you will stay at home waiting for someone who will never come.

If you see yourself as a hero who doesn’t need anyone you will be alone, and won’t get much help from others. This can be good or bad.

Me I am not here to tell others what is the right way to think or the right way to be.

I am here to lead people directly to their purpose and their desires.

What they want is entirely up to them.

I am simply here to point them on the Right Path.

Some spiritual leaders like to impose their own opinions on others.

This is a waste of time.

Because your opinion doesn’t matter when you are healing.

When I am healing, I avoid keeping my ego and using my opinions for the person I am healing.

The person I am healing must seek within themselves what they want out of their life.

They must find their own treasure.

No one should tell you what your treasure is.

Some exceptions, but for this article, I won’t go into them.

To put it simply I am here to give people the power they have lost.

The power that is rightfully theirs.

The right power is from GOD.

This power has been kicked and crushed out of them to the degree where they have become non-believers in the power of their own minds.

What a shame, to think some people have amazing potential, but they are victims of their own minds.

Trauma, abuse, and life itself can destroy a human’s spirit.

But, at any point, you want you can divorce yourself from negative attachments or sin.

Sin is the error in your thinking that is not godly inspired.

Godly inspired being the thoughts that lead you to your goal.

I know, life can be hard.

Life can be a struggle.

But, what are you going to do about it?

Seek assistance in GOD and let the LORD guide you.

Stop using your own power to do everything.

You weren’t meant to take on all the problems of the world.

That’s why you have a family known as Earth.

What will you do?

Create Your Dream Life:

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