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Why We Have To Stop Worshiping Idols and Celebrities

Stop Worshipping Idols and Celebrities

Looking up to someone and appreciating the good in them is fine and great.

It is good to acknowledge other people’s talents and success. People in society work consistently to make society function and it is something to appreciate.

What is Idol Worship? 

What is idol worship?

Worship is when you devote yourself to one person and you do everything in your power to be just like them.

This could mean trying to be like that model.

This could mean trying to be like a particular sports athlete.

This could mean trying to be like a spiritual guru and following their teachings religiously.

Here’s the thing, when you worship, you are putting your power from yourself onto another.

Most people are not worthy of that level of trust.

In fact, most idols or celebrities, are nothing like they are portrayed on social media(or whatever).

It’s okay to learn from people whose positive qualities you wish to emulate.

It’s okay to learn from people whose skills you wish to learn from.

But, take the attachment out of the person.

Every human is flawed in more ways than they care to admit.

Most people will find ways to hide their flaws, so the public doesn’t see them.

In order, to keep the public in their good graces, and reap the benefits(money, fame, status, etc).

Many leaders, celebrities, and teachers, in the past, have disappointed their followers because they were not who they portrayed themselves to be or not who people thought they were.

When this happens the people who supported and followed will make an about-face(leave) and go elsewhere because the reason they supported and followed is not there.

People want what they want and when they don’t get it they go get it somewhere else. This is simply human nature.

You can’t force everyone to like you, but you can find people who do like what you are offering and who you are.

It’s okay to learn from people you can trust and have your best interest in mind.

It’s okay to appreciate all things that are good in life.

But, avoid becoming too attached to any one person or thing.

People have to remember people are just people they have their flaws, problems, etc.

Just because you see a small part of who they are online does that mean that’s who they are in real life.

People really only show you the best parts of them online and it’s just a small part of who they are.

How To Know When You Are Worshiping Someone?

Believe it or not, it’s not always easy to be self-aware of the people or things we choose to follow and this is because we have formed a strong affinity for them.

The longer you worship something the harder it becomes to quit or become aware of it(usually).

Let’s say someone is addicted to cigarettes they don’t even realize they have been smoking for years.

Same for beer and alcohol.

Life goes on and this slip in and out of our awareness, because there is just too much information to filter.

If you are learning from someone and never question them or what you are learning, this may be a sign you are blindly following someone without thinking.

People have to earn this type of trust before you can let them do the “thinking for you”.

Just take the time to ask yourself questions about this thing or person you are following.

Say it’s a person – ask them questions and see if you can trust them.

Chances are you will feel the authenticity of the person you are speaking to when they speak about their work and mission.

A con artist will give you the opposite feeling, you will feel like they are just things you want to hear because they think that’s what people want to hear, but do not display genuine care for their mission. For con artists, it is simply what they can get with the transaction.

Why Do People Worship People?

Depending on the current position they are in their lives people worship others for all types of people.

But, it is typically because they lack something and other people have what they desire or admire(at least they think they do).

Sometimes people are just looking for inspiration and guidance, and a sense of hope.

It becomes a sort of direction.

They also hope if they follow this person they can be more like them or get the positive aspects about them they admire.

Worshiping becomes very dangerous because people start to trust another person’s judgment and decision-making above their own.

The wrong people will lead you astray and away from your goals and dreams.

They may come bearing gifts, but secretly, they take out their fangs once they see an opportunity to go for your neck.

Learn from others, but, remember, not to transfer your power to someone else.

You are the only thinker in your life; you are the one doing the thinking.

Take what helps and grows you but avoid thinking you need anyone in particular.

You bear the responsibility for your own life, not them.

How To Avoid Worshiping The Wrong People?

Never worship anyone, but if you do here’s what you do.

Ask yourself questions.

Ask yourself questions about them, their work, their teaching, who they are as a person, etc.

Can you trust this person as if your life depended on it?

If you cannot, this begs the question of why worship or follow them at all.

Are they a reflection of what they teach and preach?

If they say one thing and do another they are hypocrites.

How can you trust someone who teaches one thing and does the opposite?

What does your intuition say about this person?

If it’s even a question – trust your intuition.

Better safe than sorry.

While our intuitions can be wrong quite often, it is still better to trust it, do more research, and then come back when you are more ready.

Do your research and check the past of the person.

While this can form a sort of prejudicial opinion on someone, it is still helpful to see who they were in the past and what their history is.

I think you get the gist.

The main thing is are they trustworthy, do they offer value, and are they really who they say they are.

Now, I won’t waste too much time on who to follow or support because it is essentially the above but in the positive.

  • Are they congruent? If yes, check.   (do they practice what they teach and are they a consistent person)
  • Are they trustworthy? If yes, check.
  • Do they offer value? If yes, check.
  • Do they have good character? If yes, check.
  • Do they have my best interest in mind? If yes, check.
  • Do they want you to succeed? If yes, check.
  • Do they like helping people? If yes, check.
  • Do you feel better or worse around them? If better, check.

When in doubt trust your intuition.


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