Do You Bark Or Do You Bite?

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Most people talk, but they don’t back up their talk.

Nothing but bark, and no bite.

That is what most people are in today’s world.

You see it everywhere.

All bark and no bite!

People can talk and talk.

I tell them don’t tell me your plans show me your results.

Come, to me when you got the greens flowing.

Walkers walk the path.

Talkers want to look like they are walking the path.

All smokes and mirrors.

The real substance, just lies build on top of lies.

All to look and dress up, but no real substance to back it up.

Real diamond is made under pressure.

fake diamond crumble under pressure.

That’s how you know the difference between the real and the fakes.

In this day and age we value looks and appearances more than real substance.

I guess we don’t got time anymore.

But, we all got all the time in the world for keep it up with the Jones.

It’s the same thing day in and day out.

I wonder when it’s going to all end.

My mind wonders in the crazy world, but I am lost in time and space.

I wonder when will it end.

But, I must never forget what I came here for.

Winners don’t quit.

I made a promise to myself, that I would never give up no matter how bad it gets.

Only the weak  and fools give up hope.

Because once you lose your resolve you are as good as dead.

What good are you if you don’t stand to live for something.

All the cosmetics won’t keep you going.

All it does is put a bandage over the broken bones.

But, I don’t got time for broken bones anymore.

I am here to grow and I am here to learn.

No matter how many times I fall down I am gonna get right back up again.

Because nothing can stop these wounds from bleeding.

And, if I am going to bleed I may as well live it damn it.



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