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Ego Free Persuasion

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Most people try to convince people in ways that are clearly disrespectful.

The art of persuasion is to respect the free will of the other person while convincing them what you are saying is for their benefit and in their best interest.

Whenever you are trying to convince people to your idea it will usually require some time before they accept the suggestion.

Unless, the suggestion is deliberated in an elegant way that makes it easy to accept the suggestion.

Some people lead in with their selfish desires.

Some people lead in with their selfish wants and needs.

Some people think they can walk up to you and tell you what to do as if they are somehow the boss or in position of power(even when they have none).

This is very common in social situations.

People are all selfish leading in with their selfish needs and wants spiting out random words to convince(or tell people by force) what to do.

As a general rule of thumb you never want to lead in with force, power, manipulation.

People need to be convinced in a subconscious way that makes sense for them why they should take action on your idea.

No one will do anything unless there is a clear benefit or if there is no mutual benefit.

This is pretty selfish from someone else to tell you what to do and fulfill their needs and make you abandon your own needs and wants.

They are forcing you to give up your time for their sake.

This is why persuasion is a thing in the first place.

So that people can have common interest or also known as a trade.

We trade dollars for food.

We trade dollars for toys.

We trade dollars for labor.

Creating a win scenario is always ideal, even if there is none in the present moment.

It can be a future win-win scenario.

When convincing people of your idea make sure you make them see the benefit otherwise be prepared to get shut down.

Also, do not make your intentions too obvious.

If it’s too obvious that you are scheming something or have something up your sleeves this will trigger them to respond in a suspicious way.

Make it known you have their best interest in mind, and they will be gaining something by helping you.

Even if it’s just a thank you because humans are all social creatures and helping other people is what we do because that’s what society is about.

Avoid being too obvious with your intentions and make it clear you their best interest in mind and they will listen to your suggestion.

Now, if they reject the idea or suggestion, don’t get upset.

Sometimes they may come around later once they let the information sink in and they are ready to make the decision.

When this is done it makes them feel like it was their decision even though when it was your idea.

Usually people will reject anything new, and they need to process something before taking action, because there is too much stress and not enough clear benefit.

They will need time to think about what doing XYZ means for them.

They will need time to calculate the cost-benefit.

With people who you have a close relationship with you won’t need to convince them too much as they will care to help you.

With strangers, you will always need a lot of time to convince them because they don’t know you, trust you, and don’t know if your idea is a benefit or not.


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