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Let’s pretend you are following your life’s mission, and now your goal is to get the most amount of followers or people on board.

You are trying to recruit as much people into your mission, cult, idea, etc.

Yet, you are stuck on how to do this? What are some of the things you should keep in mind?

This article, we will talk all about that.

In the beginning stages, I’d make sure you are 100% convincted in promoting your idea or movement.

Because, the first you have to convince is yourself.

If you know without doubt, this is the right answer, and the universe needs to hear your message, then it will make easier for others to understand the importance of your idea.

If you don’t believe in your own idea, people will pick up on this, and they will be less onboard.

Remember, the main thing that promotes is not the logical or the idea itself.

It is the people, the confidence, the lifestyle.

The idea you are trying to promote should bring awareness to people in some shape of form and it also enhance the quality of their lives in some way.

Your mission needs to be clear and easy for an 8 year old to understand.

As people grow older, people value more of a simple style of approach.

If your idea is to complex, all the place, and people don’t understand the benefit of it, you can expect people to go a long with your idea.

People are moved by two things 1)Fear 2) Potential Benefits.

The media pumps the masses with fear and triggers their reptilian brain which gets people in a state of panic and worry.

The media knows by making people worry, and into fearful state they can control the masses. Because, once, you are in a fight-flight state it’s hard to think logically.

The media uses this to their advantage to promote their ideas. Because, the most important thing for any animal or human is SAFETY. If they don’t feel safe you can expect them to be in a panic or worry. No animal or species wants to die. Survival is number one before anything else.

The potential benefit is something that motivates people in a positive way. Take the idea of a job. No one wants to work but the idea of getting paid, and all the stuff money can buy motivates people to trade their time for money. No one wants to work unless they feel like they are being rewarded or compensates in some kind of way.

People are generally lazy(including me). Me personally, I like to feel my time is going to good use. And, I especially HATE WASTING TIME. Waste of time is time I won’t get back, and quite frankly just upsets me.

As you are promoting your idea, remind people in a simple fashion. Break down in a super small way an 8 year could understand. That way people will be on board.

People love to be a part of something, anyways. One of human desires is belonging or feeling like we are part of a group. Your mission can people a place where they feel like they belong somewhere.

I would recommend picking areas that are low volume, and so competitive to start. Then use these areas as testimonies about the idea, saying how successful it’s been in XYZ. Then try to recruit as many people on board with the idea as possible. The most important thing is so start, simple, easy, everyone should understand what it is, and they should understand HOW IT BENEFITS THEM.

Until Next Time,

With Love,

Davinci Neptune

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