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Win lose game are generally created by people who afraid of something or trying to prevent a bad outcome.

They may have lost in the past, or they have been in the losing outcome of something and in their future relationships they try to prevent that bad outcome.

For example, say a women who has been abused by her multiple partners meets a new man, she will assume the new man try to abuse her.

So she, does everything in her power to prevent the bad scenario to happen.

She may even play the role as the bully in this relationship.

The man in her life has no idea, what her deal is.

The man in her life is very confused as to why she is acting in this kind of way.

The women is concerned with running away from abuse or trauma.

But, she doesn’t realize the man in her life has no intention of putting her in the losing role.

The new guy in her life wants to create space for a healthy relationship.

But, because the new guy feels violated and disrespected, he feels the need to defend himself and his boundaries.

Thus, the women attract the very thing she has been hoping to avoid. More abuse, trauma, more win-lose.

This occurs because she is so focused on the negatives that happen to her in the past. She thinks everyone is out to get her. She is so afraid she attracts more of it.

The women has not healed her relationships in her past life, or has not been healed of her issues her past. And that’s why she keeps projecting those traumas in her relationships. She is worried the new guy will do what the old one has done. And instead, she ensures to do everything in her power to run away from losing in the relationship. But, she manages to do is sabotage her relationship.

Because this comes a state of “worry” and fear. She doesn’t actually win here, instead she creates more win-lose scenarios.

If the women, could enter a space of love and acceptance, she will see that people won’t treat her in a way that would be disrespectful.

The women needs to open up more and be more willing to be vulnerable herself. And as she projects positive energy she will attract the same positive energy.

If the women tries by bruteforce to attract or manifest what she wants or doesn’t want she is projecting a state of worry and doubt.

She is stating the doubting the universe, and thus, is not coming from a place of trust.

If she trust the universe she will radiate pure positive energy, full of love. And because she is full of love and positive energy, she will attract people who only wishes the best for herself.

To get out of win-lose dynamic think in terms of how can I add value instead of how can I take value.

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