How To Survive As A Spiritual Being Living In The Programmed World…(must watch)

Spiritual Survival Guide -


Quick Summary: In this episode, we go over how to survive as a spiritual being living in the programmed world. Some technical difficulties, but none the less, watchable, enjoy.

1. Spend Time With God
2. Get Away From The Programmed World
Get a business, a lifestyle blog, become a coach, anything at all to escape the 9-5 or programmed reality.

3. Upgrade Your Body
I just made a video on my other channel on a starting stack for spiritual people who want a “natural” stack to boost their overall happiness and performances in all areas. This stack is purely natural with ZERO side effects at all. Perfect for spiritual, entrepreneur newbies, or and anyone new to the supplement world.

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4. Minimize Social Interaction
Let me explain before some people get upset. Keep your circle tight and make sure to surround yourself with people who will bring you up in vibrations. Be around other spiritual people who have common interest. Or, watch youtubers of other spiritual people you respect. The wrong crowd of people will constantly drain your energy and keep you down. This isn’t to say you must AVOID people altogether, but it is to say you should be selective with the people you allow in your space more often than not.

And because this is complex I have to elaborate even further. Yes, we are social creatures. We are intended to mingle with people, however, you should play “favorites” to people who inspire you and bring you up in levels. Maybe people higher level than yourself.

And to make this even more complex, yes, sometimes you have to meet people who are unpleasant because everything is a learning experience. But, Jesus Christ, how complicated

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