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Manifest With Single Mind Focus

Manifest With Single Mind Focus

There is plenty of stuff to juggle in the modern world.

Many things distract you from what you want and drain your energy away from channeling to what you want.

Your mind works better the less it needs to split its resources.

This is especially more true for men.

Men work best when their mind is going in one direction.

That’s also why you want to keep the past in the past.

The energy that is still active and alive in your mind takes up energy.

This energy slows down your ability to manifest and in some cases blocks you altogether.

Do your best to let go and release energies that do not serve you or what you want.

Releasing energy can look like this:

  • Expressing emotions
  • Exercising
  • Forgiveness
  • A new different way to look at the past

Manifesting with single mind focus means you have a PRIMARY GOAL.

You channel all your energy into that goal.

Naturally, you will be juggling things in the real world as well as some other things.

The point of this is to exercise remove all distractions both mentally and physically and go towards your goal.

When you focus on your primary goal you won’t have any resistance.

You will be able to create and manifest from a more positive energetic place.

If you are trying to manifest Money Focus on the Work you have to do and the Driving Motivator to make money.

If you are trying to manifest Love Focus on entering into a mood of love and happiness. Let Love guide you to where it is trying to lead you. Your heart already knows what it wants. Sometimes the mind tries to block out information for many reasons. But, the heart already knows what you want.

If you are trying to manifest a Specific Person it’s a bit more tricky.

You can manifest a specific person.

But, there are a couple of things to know.

Your desire and love for that person have to override anything the physical and external reality throws your way.

Meaning when your love is guided and nothing cast doubt on your path, then you will have a HIGH CHANCE of manifesting a specific person.

Another thing to know, a lot of manifesting a Specific Person is depended on the other person.

A match made in heaven will manifest on earth.

In other words, when the two agree in their minds-hearts then they will be drawn to each.

And this is because they both agree on what it is they want.

The relationship between each other.

It only takes one person to end a relationship.

However, your ability to hold on to your reality can also reduce the chance of the relationship ending.

This means if you really want the loving relationship to work and continue you might be able to OVERRIDE your partner’s version of reality(wanting to end the relationship).

Basically, it’s your love vs. your fears and their love vs their fears.

Or we can think of it as both partners having an angel and a demon.

The angel wants to keep the love in the relationship.

The demon wants to end the relationship for whatever reason.

When both sides keep the angel going their relationship will be stable.

But, if the demon enters their mind and cast doubt and fear, then the relationship can end.

It depends on the person’s ability to not allow negativity to ruin their relationship.

This is why focus is so important.

There are so many thoughts flowing in people’s minds every single day.

The wrong thoughts will ruin your day and ruin your life.

The right thoughts will help you create the life you want.

The trick is to focus on the PRIMARY GOAL and then take action daily that will help you go to where your heart is leading you.

The more you do this the more and more likely you are to create what you want.

Do not let the negative throw you off balance.

Negativity will ruin your focus.

Every day when you focus on your PRIMARY GOAL and you take daily action towards that PRIMARY GOAL you will get closer and closer.

And remember to rejoice like it’s thanksgiving!

Because it feels so good to accomplish goals.

If this article or any article here has helped you do me a small favor and post it on any social media platform you use.

My reward from this is making a difference in someone’s life.





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