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Most people are normal…and not trying to compete or beat us in the game of life…
Ego, is the drive to be the best and better than the rest.
Nothing wrong with this per se, but, when out of control, can be very primitive.
Leverage your ego, but don’t it control you.
You want to make friends, with it, but not in a way where it is ruling you.

Life is about contributing, and helping other people.
The leader is the one who is helping others.
Everyone has the desire to be the leader.
Being the leader gets you most of the rewards(money, food, sex, respect, etc).
Which is why people are naturally competitive, and there are ego battles everywhere.

There is a pre-built in driver to be the best. Call it an ancient instinct.
In today’s time this create more problems, than necessary.

Because, we don’t live in a time period when the instinct was created and designed for.
So, while we are modern humans, we are also part animal.
And it is the animal instincts that gets us in trouble the most.
Maturity is expanding in wisdom, and being in control of your instincts.

Am I seeing, the animal instinct is all wrong?
Not quite, but it’s important you don’t let it run your life.
You can direct it to your goals, but, out of balance will ruin your life.
Bad things happen to those who give in to their ego completely.
They go to jail, take drugs, do meaningless sex, etc.

Use it as a tool to motivate yourself and improve,
but be very careful you don’t lose yourself in the process.
The ego is a very tricky thing.

One minute you think you are making the decisions,
next thing you know, it is your ancient instincts that has been
making the decisions for you.

Until Next Time,

With Love,

Davinci Neptune

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