The Union Of Thoughts and Emotions

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It is made clear the union between your thoughts and emotions produces the fruits which you experience in your reality.

Knowing this is one thing but actually having the awareness and ability to focus in your life is a whole different story.

We all know positive thinking and having the right attitude will in fact help you create the life you do want.

People get stuck in the actually doing it though.

Why is that?

Because, we forget, especially because we bring it outside of awareness.

It goes from ear out to the other ear.

People put things past them because they don’t want to experience the negatives that might rise up.

This is why we avoid things that challenge us(especially on a ego level).

In order to progress you have to challenge the parts of yourself that is keeping you stuck or get a new perspective.

With a new perspective or a different way of thinking about thing something you open the potential for new doors that were previously closed off.

We tend to not want to see things because of our limiting beliefs and the stress they may create.

Real growth happens when you are willing to put aside your ego and pride and admit something needs to be changed.

Nothing will change unless you change something.

We all want the results without the stress, drama, and problems that comes with it.

We want a good looking body without exercising.

We want a million dollars business without doing the work.

We want a perfect relationship, but, ways to sabotage our relationships?

In order to create the life you want you have to let go of the parts of you that is in RESISTANCE and embracing change and uncertainty.

This does not mean you have to do too much.

Nope! It simply means be open to change, and open minded enough to see things from a different perspective.

This is in fact what having awareness is about – being willing to see from a different perspective and gaining valuable insight that leads to great change in your life.

If you are too rigid in your way of looking at things you will never truly see things for what they actually are(if that’s possible).

But by being open minded enough you will see things beyond a level that most people will never even comprehend.

This will allow you to relate and connect to all different types of people no matter the background, history, etc.

And this will do wonders for your social life, and relationships.

As previously stated while knowing is important it is only half the battle.

If you forget to apply the knowledge into your life it will be almost like you never learned it to begin with.

True change is in the learning and in the doing.

When your thoughts and emotions is in perfect alignment with your greatest good you will see how easy life can be.

Most people complicate their lives by looking at every little details.

But it’s not the detail that matters, it’s in the BECOMING.


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