What are you not letting go off?

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What are you not letting go off?

In life there are things we just hold on to for a very long time. For example, you can look at around even in your own home, you can see examples of many objects of things that you’ve still have. Do you need most of the things you keep in your house? Most probably not.

But, why do we keep things long past their expiration date? Sometimes, we forget to clean the house. Sometimes we forget still have certain objects or things in the house, and we forgot to remove. Sometimes, we hold onto things because of ATTACHMENTS.

Somethings from the past FEEL GOOD because they remind of us of the great positive times, however, sometimes we have to let go of the past even when they remind us of the positive memories.

Why is that? If you hold onto to your old yesterdays or things that are no longer of value you run the risk of staying attached to things, relationships, desires that are no longer serving you. For example, relationships in your past may remind you of good times, but in order to move on, and create space in your life for a new relationship you must clear attachments of the old memories you had from your previous relationships.

Sometimes, we hold onto to things because of hope or a memory from the past that reminds us of the good time.

When a new chapter in your life is calling you, you must clear the old to make space for the new. You cannot hold onto the old and enter the new with the old attachments, baggage, energies, etc. This means you have to ties to people or desires that are consuming too much time or energy. Remember you manifest based upon on what you focus. So, do not let your mind wander on what no longer is helping you to grow. Instead put your focus on desires, and things that are helping you to evolve and grow as a person.

Once, I had a buddy who lived real close by. He needed some help because he lost confidence in himself. So, I stopped by to see what’s up. He was cleaning out the backyard that was flooded with vines. And I notice something was wrong, there was a part that was stuck. So I reached forward to help get rid of it. And I pulled as hard as I could, but it was heavy.

I mean really heavy. I don’t know what the deal was. This thing was stuck. It sort of looked like a tree trunk, and I was pulling out the branch as far and hard as I could because it was getting in the way.

I tried and tries, but couldn’t remove the branch. So I asked what’s the deal? Why won’t this tree branch budge. Why is it stuck so hard and cannot move?

He looked at me, and told me it has been protecting me for a very long time. I am like what?! What do you mean protecting you?

For a very long time, it was helping me, but there was a point where it no longer served its purpose anymore. It was time to move on, but I couldn’t bring myself to cut the branch out because it helped me for so long.

What do you think would happen if you cut the branch out?

Uh, I dont know I never really thought of cutting the branch out.

Would you be willing to let me cut it out of you?

Oh, heavens no. I cannot bring myself to let go of this thing. While it no longer has no real value. It reminds me of the good times I had once upon a time when I was young.

When I was a young kid, all alone and bored. I went to this tree house. In this place, I was able to imagine and do everything I ever wanted. It was special to me.

Okay, I understand, but do you still need to keep it now?

I really should cut it off, but I just can’t…

My parents were always busy working, and I didn’t have many friends. My family didn’t really close by. This tree was my shelter, my protection, here in this place is where I imagined all my dreams.

I take it you have created an attachment to what it has done for you because of all the great memories. But, now don’t you think it’s creating more problems for you? Just take a look at the mess it is making in the backyard.

It is clogging the space of the whole backyard not to mention it is a complete eye sore. I would say get rid of it now, and fast.

I guess, it is time to move on huh? To cut ties and say good bye to the old.

I do want to reinvent this place and make it into something new.

Maybe you are right, maybe I will hire someone to cut this dam tree off, and reinvent this place with more stuff.

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