Why Do Women Want To Change Their Men? | Davinci Neptune

Have you ever met a women in your life who is always trying to change you?

What does it mean  you wonder?

You can take it personally, and think she doesn’t like you. But, what if that wasn’t the case.

What if instead it means just accept you it actually means SHE LOVES YOU?

Wait a minute does that really make sense? How could a women who is always trying to change me possibly mean she loves me?

Women and Men are different.

The way men show they care is by offering presence,time,, and solutions.

The way way a women shows she cares is by showing she emotionally cares for you and wanting to help you improve as a man.

We men don’t receive this as she cares. We men sometimes take this personally, because it seems as if she is not accepting to us. Sometimes we take this to mean she doesn’t like us is attacking our sense of self.

The opposite is actually true.

A women trying to change you mean she LOVES YOU and/or CARES ABOUT YOU.

Of course, we men, don’t perceive it that way because men and women are different. Usually a man would give the tip or give space.

But, a women who loves you or cares about you shows you her concern for you by wanting to be there for you and help you IMPROVE your problems or given situation.

Women show they love you or care about you by trying to change you or improve you.

Consider this, if she was completely repulsed by you had zero interest of you she would give you ZERO ATTENTION and she wouldn’t care at all to want to help you improve.

Quite ironic, right? Because we men usually perceive a women trying to change us as annoying or stressful because it can definitely be stressful.

What do I think? I think it’s great a women cares, a women loves you that she wants to help you improve.

However, it can add too much stress cortisol if she is doing this CONSTANTLY throughout the day and throughout the relationship.

Personally, I love that she cares, but sometimes it can be TOO MUCH.

There is a time for work, a time for play, a time for rest. 

Tip: For women reading this it’s great you care about the man in your life that you want to improve him, yet, try to minimize the amount of “changing” you do throughout the day or during the relationship. As the more you do this the more the man in your life can perceived this as annoying. The more space he will need in a relationship. The less time he will wants to be with you. The more annoying he might perceive you. Of course, this isn’t your intentions because you mean well, and we know you care. Just keep it in mind sometimes, it can be stressful or perceived as annoying.

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