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Why Following Your Joy Doesn’t Always Work

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Like it or not friends, life has different plans for us sometimes. Mom and dad wants you to do something. Your girlfriend wants you to do something else. And, if you do anything, but what you don’t want to do, everyone hates you for it.

Very confusing right because do you follow your joy or not? Do you let other people tell you what to do or not?

It depends…Ideally, you use your own internal to guide you in the right direction or what is known as intuition. Your intuition is the most important faculty known to man and it will pay you big time if you were to listen to your intuition.

The challenge is most people’s internal guidance system is all sorts of wacked up. They think they are listening to their own voices or their own guidance, but really it’s from other people who don’t have their best interest in mind.

On top of that you have to follow the market trends. If the market is going in a certain direction, you don’t go against the current, you go with the flow. You go with the nature’s path. You have to listen really closely because sometimes the universe is putting you on the right path, but you have no idea because you don’t know who to listen or who is for you or who is against you.

If you are ever in doubt, you can confidently listen to your feelings. Your feelings will support and nourish you in the right direction. Your feeling is one of the best compass you have that tells you where you are going or if you are going in a way that is in alignment to your desires or higher self goals.

Listen very carefully to your emotions because the answers you seek are always there you just have to pay attention to it, and it will reveal the way to you.

This is a very tricky – do you follow your bliss or not? Well, it depends if your higher self is putting you a certain direction then you can be sure it is the best path for you to go on. Your higher self knows what’s best for you because your higher self is you, in another timeline or dimension, but you none the less. In fact, everyone is you, but let’s not get to that right now.

At times, you want to listen to what the market is doing and see the market trends, and make the best choice from the information there.

And at other times you just want to listen to your intuition because your intuition knows what’s best. Also, pay close attention to what what the universe or your higher self saying because they are trying to guide you in the right direction. Listen to the universe, and the synchronicity, they are trying to guide you to the best that suits you best.

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