Why some people self sabotage their lives

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Sometimes in our lives we secretly sabotage ourselves because we don’t really want to be happy. I know it’s crazy why would we actually deny ourselves from being happy. It doesn’t make any logical sense. But, get this behind the self-sabotage, there is a condition of X that is blocking the reason of self-sabotage.

For example, if a person has been beaten to death, tormented, raped, abused, they will have a poor self image. This self image will ensure they do everything in their power to repel anything positives in their lives.

These are people who have been broken all their lives so they make themselves suffer even more. Once more it’s important to understand that it’s not anything logical it’s just something that happens just because they have a subconscious belief they are not good enough or undeserving of happiness. Thus, they will do anything in their power to repel anything that is positive. Even making sure they break up their marriages, ruin their relationships, make it hell for their husbands.

Some people deny happiness because they want to be the victims all their lives. Maybe in the past they have beaten victims and feels that by feeling good it will make life happy which will mean they cannot remain in their pains and suffering. These people self-sabotage everything in their lives. Does self sabotage really exist? Some people would argue yes or no. But, whether self-sabotage exist or not doesn’t really matter. What matter is people make their lives more difficult and much more of a struggle than is needed to be because they believe they are unworthy of true happiness. So they make life a living hell for themselves and for everyone in their proximity.

These people need to repair their self-concept of themselves and by healing themselves they can attract people who will be more loving and more happy which will boost their quality of life. These people are great at ruining their own lives. Some people vent on youtube, and create public events just to promote their pains and misery.

You will often find these people even write about bad their life sucks, and their wide range of crappy emotions. What they are desperate seeking for is attention, and secretly they want a resolution to their pains. And by getting attention they can find a resolution to their pains and suffering. Yet, at the same time if they rid themselves of their pain and suffering, then perhaps that will drop their attention and connection they were getting in the past.

So, what do they do? They ensure they are suffering and living a life full of hell continuously. They can never be happy. They even enjoy watching other people suffer because suffering and pain is what they relate to.

In addition, suffering and pain is how they make connection. Meaning? There is more for them talking about the negatives then the positives. So they will, keep making their own life a living hell because if they ever get fully healed then it might make their life better which would mean they would have nothing to talk about.

If they have nothing to talk about they will have no friends and life will be boring, thus they keep their life on a repeating loop.

Of pain-suffering talking about their problems, and making other people suffer. They even enjoying watching other people suffer. Why? Because that’s what they RELATE TO.

They don’t really to anything that is happy because perhaps that wasn’t a part of their history, thus that is not something they can really connect to. Thus, they don’t talk about anything positives because they don’t have much positivity to talk about or don’t know how to have a healthy relationship that isn’t about problems, pain, and suffering.

They always have bad things to talk about because they keep replaying the same loop inside them of how bad their life has been. Negativity is what they are drawn to the same way flies are drawn to poo, and light. This is a very energy and low vibration thing.

What these people need is to learn to make healthy relationships that is not solely based on PAINS and PROBLEMS.



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