Win at All Cost

Win AT All Cost | Gerardo Morillo |

Friend nothing brings us more success than success itself.

Some people say more problems more problems but the opposite is true,

more money less problems.

How could money a tool that provides you more options give you more problems?

What do they mean when they say more money more problems? What they really mean is they get A NEW SET OF PROBLEMS: responsibility, being accountable, etc.

Which is a better problem to have then say having no money at all.

More money problems you the ability to access a wide range of solutions to anything you could ever think of.

I remember when I was a broke joker squandering around the world for a few bucks.

My self-esteem and ability to express was damaged because I didn’t have any money. And because I had no money everything I said felt like it had no real value because I needed money to reassure myself.

However, this thinking is flawed to some degree, yet we won’t go to deep into this.

You also realize the people talking the most don’t have the answers either. Yet, they can talk, talk, and talk. The irony of it all.

Scarcity is something that kills your ability to live. You want to remove scarcity at and every cost.

It is scarcity that will keep you stuck. You can stay the stuck at the bottom of the hell rutting till the day you die. Scarcity is the worst thing known to man.

You don’t know how much butt I had to kiss for a little chump change.

A while back I was in the army I wanted to try something new because my because was going too slow and I wanted money to provide for my business.

The amount of butt kissing you have to do for the amount of money you get is a FLAT OUT JOKE.

You are literally a slave for a measly $1000/mo income. Let me tell you this that is a joke. Hey I signed up for it right? It was worth it in the end, but, I won’t explain why in this article.

All I am saying the amount of butt kissing you do for the money you make is ridiculous!

When you have money you don’t have to butt kiss to anyone. YOU control your life. You live the life you want. No one tells you what to do.

This is why I am always saying get the hell out the program world.

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Look friends they is a time and place for everything. Sometimes a little butt kissing is required to move up to the next level.

I was frankly a little stubborn. I didn’t want to butt kiss BECAUSE I knew I had the potential to conquer the world. I knew I was special somehow. Not special like different than anyone else. Just special in the sense deep down in my heart I knew I was born to REVOLUTIONIZE THE WORLD.

You my friend likely feel the same.

Maybe you feel like you are the chosen one? And I am here friend as an enlighten human being telling you that you are the chosen one. And we need you to rise up.

Slowly little by little overcoming all those impurities that are plaguing your mind and keeping you stuck in life.

You can do it my friend. You just have to believe deep down you are destined for greatness. There is a hidden power within just waiting to come out.

Friend, don’t let fear or doubt ruin your ability to win in life.

You can do it.

“Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!”

Friend, if you don’t believe in yourself, know this, I believe in you.

It’s just how badly do you want it? Do you want to keep living the same life without source of fulfillment.

I know for a fact you always wanting some more in your life. Something is calling you deep down to go up and even higher. But, don’t let yourself get stuck. You can go on higher.

Let now be the time for you prosper.

Ye of little faith can move mountains when you believe.

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