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Witches and Burning Bridges

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Some relationships go for way longer than they should.

Once, I met this witch who was really sinister.

On the surface she appeared to be friendly, but I had my suspicious.

It’s one of those you couldn’t really tell just by looking at her vibes.

But, her vibes was very strange.

Something was off and out of place.

Fake people are good at putting up a front.

Usually they can only keep this up for a short time and then their true colors comes out at some point.

Some are better than others, but you can really tell just by their subconscious vibes they are sending to you.

You have to know the red flags when you see them and you also have to be willing to disqualify people when they don’t have your needs in heart.

Most people will only try to use you when it’s in their convenience and dispose you quickly once you are no longer useful(or perceive to be useful).

This is human nature, as we want the most value out of something while doing the least work for it.

The witch casted a very evil spell on me that injured my spirit for months.

But, one thing this witch didn’t understand is that I am a spiritual man with high knowledge of the occult.

I knew her evil tricks would backfire on her at some point.

Just like domonoes you knock one piece and all of starts to fall down.

People will eventually get their just desserts.

This is why I don’t worry about the wicked.

The wicked will always pay for their sins.

You don’t have to worry about this, because, God has created laws in place which when broken will create a ripple effect of negative consequences.

Because of her shady energy, I decided to play a double cop strategy with her.

I would pretend to fall for the games knowing in the future she will pay for her sins.

You can never trust fake people but you can sniff them out from their vibes.

How do you know when you can trust someone?

See how they treat others, family, friends, etc. See if their personality is consistent or if they change too much.

If they change too much they could be suffering from a mood or personality disorder.

None the less be very careful with these people because they are so unpredictable they will have you in your toes at all times.

That’s one thing witches and people with disorders have in common.

They have a very strange energy that makes you question who they are.

You can never tell with these folks.

So anyways, the witch had a huge streak of success.

But, at some point it came crashing down hard because she thought she could get away with her sins.

The truth always comes out in one way or the other.


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