You Can’t Save Them All

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People with a weak mind or a high grade of depression or any type of negative condition are easy to manipulate and control.

Their mind has no filters or boundaries to eliminate anything that comes in.

They absorb everything the good and bad and their mind just gets worse and worse.

Which is why if you want to harm someone who is in a negative condition you don’t have to do it directly people are likely to kill themselves if you just give them a little push.

Which is why also being mean to people directly is unnecessary although if you wanted to be cruel you could give them a very much needed push to weaken their sense of self.

There is no real reason to push people who are already down.

However, you don’t have to waste your time or energy with people cannot get their act together.

You don’t owe them any favors or vice versa, especially if they are not appreciative for your effort.

People who desire change or help really will seek it because they know they are coming a position of lack and powerlessness.

And these people are desperate to get any help they can get.

Usually, these types of people are humble because they know their situation fully well.

To kick them back down again is senseless.

However, if they are rude, and just wasting your time you don’t have to entertain them you can send them the other way.

When they catch up your vibration then they can mingle with you.

But, isn’t this cruel to not help the weak and needy?

Yes, but people who want help should come correctly.

They should be honest about themselves and their situation and not put up a mask to themselves and others.

Pride has killed many lives.

If one is prideful one cannot get the help one should get because their ego is trying to self-preserve, but they really do need help.

These types of cats are in the hardest predicament they need help, but cannot allow themselves to get it.

They have to allow themselves to drop their guard even for just a little bit, but some people cannot do this because it is too much to handle.

Which is why some people never get the type of help they really need.

So instead of getting help they complain and complain.

There is really no helping these types of people if they want help they will go and get it.

People who want change will always allow opportunities for change to happen.

People who don’t want to change will keep on playing the same story in their lives until maybe one day something forces them to change.

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