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Trading Mindset For Successful Trades!

The one who is less desperate is the winner. This is something that cannot be fake. If you try to fake your lack of insecurities or fears people will sniff it out and they will know. When trying to build confidence a little bit of faking it or practice will be required. Thus, the famous quote fake it till you make it which essentially means to practice until you become it. But, there is a bit of a problem, when you haven’t arrived that peak when you have become it. If you fake it too much people will sense it… Read More »Trading Mindset For Successful Trades!
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Transform Yourself Into A Positive Leader

Naturally people mature slowly overtime and they become a true leader. It takes time to learn how to lead, but more important how to master oneself. Before you become a “leader” you have to be able to lead yourself or coach yourself and other people. Everyone wants to be a leader for primal and selfish reasons, but, not many people really know how to lead. Some people lead by talking too much. Some people lead by bullying you. A leader needs followers and without followers you are not a leader. In order to be a leader people have to want… Read More »Transform Yourself Into A Positive Leader
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Do You Bark Or Do You Bite?

Most people talk, but they don’t back up their talk. Nothing but bark, and no bite. That is what most people are in today’s world. You see it everywhere. All bark and no bite! People can talk and talk. I tell them don’t tell me your plans show me your results. Come, to me when you got the greens flowing. Walkers walk the path. Talkers want to look like they are walking the path. All smokes and mirrors. The real substance, just lies build on top of lies. All to look and dress up, but no real substance to back… Read More »Do You Bark Or Do You Bite?
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Don’t Be Fooled By Succubus

In ancient times there was a demon women known as Succubus who would take over little boys at night and seduce them. The little boys thought she was the most beautiful women of all. But, just as the little boys would go closer and think they were about to get some succubus would pull out her fangs ever so suddenly and bite them! Then succubus would rape the little boys and kidnap their souls and their souls would be lost in the afterlife for all eternity. THE END! In modern times, we don’t have succubus, but we have the “modern… Read More »Don’t Be Fooled By Succubus
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Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

If you can master one thing master this and that is to be comfortable in your own skin. This is a very famous saying but not very easy to do. If it was so easy to do everyone would just do it and be having a party everywhere they go. Obviously this is not the case! Most people suffer from social anxiety, stress, etc. it’s not just you. Other people around you whether you or they realize it have some type of anxiety. Fear is the baseline of everyone! Everyone! Instead we play it safe because if we did challenge… Read More »Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

How To End Insecurities

Hideous rats of the night. Be gone and be no more. Peace be still within yourself uplift yourself and put yourself in higher self-esteem. Little one, were you abused and beaten to death as a child. Then you need to see yourself as bigger, and put yourself in higher levels now. Enlarge your inner child because your inner is brutally injured. At times our friends, parents, etc. slow our ability to grow up because they are in certain vibration themselves which contrast other vibrations. When vibrations collash there is a sort of frame battle of vibrations. Then the winner puts… Read More »How To End Insecurities
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Basic Tools You Will Need To Learn Cold Reading

Hello welcome, relax you are in the right place.I know you are here to know more about yourself and understand what you don’t know. You are here to to learn the secrets of cold reading. In the next few minutes, you will gain very powerful reading abilities which will enhance the quality of your relationships. These skills can be used in very interesting ways. When done properly it will give you very powerful skills in your love life and help you have a lot of fun too. You two that have come here are beautiful souls and I would like… Read More »Basic Tools You Will Need To Learn Cold Reading
Fortify Your Castle | Gerardo Morillo |

Fortify The Castle

When are young and alone our frame is fairly on the weak side. What is a frame? Frame is the total subconscious energy you communicate about yourself to others, it is also used to mean the definition you give reality. You can think of your frame as a sort of castle that is strong or weak depending on multiple variables. In this article, we will be discussing particularly how to fortify your frame by collecting the stars or to put simply social proof. Usually, social proof is used in a different type of context altogether, but in this article, we… Read More »Fortify The Castle