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Don’t Be Fooled By Succubus

Don't Be Fooled By Succubus - prosperitylifehacks - davinci neptune

In ancient times there was a demon woman known as Succubus who would take over little boys at night and seduce them.

The little boys thought she was the most beautiful women of all.

But, just as the little boys would go closer and think they were about to get some succubus would pull out her fangs ever so suddenly and bite them!

Then succubus would rape the little boys and kidnap their souls and their souls would be lost in the afterlife for all eternity.


In modern times, we don’t have succubus, but we have the “modern women” which is almost the same thing.

Women are associated with spiders, traps, seductresses, etc.

Why is this? Because as we all know looks can be deceiving.

Women appear to be beautiful angels and are very tempting but if you are not careful they will suck you dry financially, emotionally, and in every type of way.

Men are easy preys for women because men are biologically programmed to replicate with a beautiful women.

Therefore, to resist is against our own primal drivers to replicate.

Women must know this instinctual and they seem to have a set of instincts to help them “win” or “cheat” the game.

Cheating is not the right word here, more like maximize on their survivability and get their needs met.

Because that is the name of the game that is what survival is all about.

Women are programmed to maximize their needs, seduce men, get a provider, protector, and manipulate men to get their needs-wants-desires to maximize their own selfish benefits.

Why is this? Because they know deep down they can’t survive by themselves nor is it in their best interest.

A few exceptions(the career women). Even career women come to realize they want a man in their lives because it just makes getting what they want easier.

So what do we as men do about this? Nothing really, well, that’s not quite true.

You have to ensure you are getting what you want out of the relationship.

There is no such thing as “love”. Only a mutual beneficial relationship. Everything is for the sake of survival and we choose to label it and call it something else.

We can say that is part of the human condition to want the fantasy but deep down we are still very primal.

In our case the primal and modern instincts “overlap”. There is a sort of bridge between the two where both worlds become one.

You must set Boundaries with women in order to block out and cancel our most of their silly games and manipulation strategies.

Which is hard to do because we as men are supposed to go forward and set the momentum of the relationship. Women know they have it much easier than men when it comes  to relationship. And they have a lot of biases to cover-up their flaws probably for survival purposes as well. As it would not benefit them to see their own flaws in this regard.

If you want to win with women you must not be phased by their silly tantrums, game playing, manipulation, and just defeat them at their own little game as if it was any other game like chess or checkers.

With that said there are some people you can form real relationships and it’s not to take away that at all. Because there are plenty of beautiful souls in the world it’s just majority rules in this case and there are plenty of energy vampires or succubus in the world who are more than willing to suck you dry for everything you got.

Test the girl a bit and see what kind of women she is.

Not the game testing like little children but just have a talk with her and see what type of women she is based upon her responses. You can usually find red flaws right away by the way she reveals herself in her answers.

We men don’t need to know what are the right answers because we can just feel them when we see them.

The wrong answers will be as clear as day as well.

You can send her back to the dating pool to improve her game.

If she is selfish and only cares about her best interest it will become clear.

If she is just using you it will be obvious.

Because everything will be all about what she wants and how she feels.

Remember men if she doesn’t treat you like a king she doesn’t deserve or earn the queen crown.

A queen must earn it and deserve it.

If she wants access to your kingdom, wealth, and all your assets then she needs to earn it.

Most women have a problem with this because they think they are entitled because they have a vagina.

Don’t let this bitter you men. Try to be the man. We men are the superior species after all that’s why women since the dawn of time have been dependent on men for survival. That’s why they try to trap down a high quality man to reproduce with. Because they know they can’t do it by themselves.

Women will try to trick you and tempt you don’t let them fool you into it.

Be above the flesh and beat them in their silly games and you will be a real alpha.

By giving into the flesh she sees you as a low quality men bound by lust and primitive desires(ironically).

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