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Chemical Imbalance | Davinci Neptune

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Most people try to fix things mentally.

But, what if the issue is not mental? What then?!

Sometimes, in life our health or biology(/chemical make up) is not healthy conditions.

Our cells need plenty of energy and resources to run our system in a healthy way.

Comparable, to a car or a computer. 

When there is too much energy being used more than the machine can handle this create a lot of stress.

Our mind-body system is one of the most intensive resource system there is.

If you been feeling out of the weather for a long time with no improvement in your life.

Then, this may be to invisible physical symptoms.

The body is very complex, with tons of variables.

If you tweak one variable you can affect the other.

The mind body system is composed of 4 major variables: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Physical pertaining to your physical health(biology, chemicals, DNA, etc).

Unfortunately, in the real world, we only have theories and symptoms, but no real way to measure if you have any chemical imbalance.

And if there are, I would imagine it would be pretty expensive. Many things that are not general and not accessible to the public tend to be expensive.

Serotonin and Dopamine are both neurotransmitters that improve ones mood, happiness, and overall sense of well being.

When one chemical is low you may experience it in your reality.

It will be hard to notice, why you feel the way you do, but, you will just feel “off” like something is not right.

This is the issue we have when we try to fix things on a purely mental level.

At times, fixing it something from a mental level, is not fixing the problem.

As much as I do believe in the law of attraction and how we think grows, we still level in a universe that is governed by physical laws.

I think of it like “levels.” There are layers and levels of truth that exist in the universe.

And, I suppose which ever is stronger is the one that gets activated. But, there are many co-existing variables…

If the problem, cannot be fixed on a mental level, then, try on physical level: supplements, exercise, etc.

I do believe the mind is a powerful tool that can create anything, but, the universe still has physical laws that are in play.

And ignorance of these laws, can affect your reality and ability to manifest.

Until Next Time,

With Love,

Davinci Neptune

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