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Do You Feel Betrayed By The Universe?

Do You Feel Betrayed By The Universe?

People think the universe is out to get them but that’s really an internal drama being manifested externally.

Most people are just doing what they do and reacting to whatever vibes we send out.

Yes, sometimes it’s not your fault and the way people respond is a product of their own flaws.

But, by taking the responsibility we can better control the reactions of ourselves but other people as well.

This is not a lesson on perfection.

It is simply a reminder that you are the focus point of the universe and the universe is responding to you at all times.

This is both a dual edge sword.

It can be stressful to think you control the reactions of others.

But, it is also empowering to know this.

Never aim for for perfection but do aim for improvement gradually overtime and you will never go wrong.

If externally you are not getting what you want simply try something different and see how the universe responds.

More than anything the universe will help you most of the time.

They will pick up on what your needs are and give you support to their best style.

I remember when I was a kid, I had this strong urge to prove people wrong.

But, that was rather misplaced and I was projecting my inner drama externally to the wrong types of people.

The people who were very attuned responded softly and kindly.

The people who weren’t attuned were frustrated and or confused.

The key to note is if we change the internal the external will change naturally.

Or, a quick shortcut to this is go to the highest “vibration” you which to attract.

For example, if you want love, radiate unconditional love.

Not fake unconditional love but real and pure unconditional love.

And you will attract people who appreciate what you offer.

This is not something that can be done overnight.

It takes time to learn this truth, but, it also takes time to develop your “vibe” the right kind of way.

People are responding to 80%-90% of what the energy you are sending out.

In marketing if you were to test the effectiveness of something you can do an A-B Test. 

An A-B test is when you have two different variables you are testing and determine what is converting the best.

A simple change of the word choices can change how people respond.

For example, “go do your homework right now,” is not a good one.

“Remember to do your homework when you can” is a better one.

It doesn’t have to make sense logically, what is important is how people feel.

The first is in a command and makes someone feel inferior.

The 2nd one creates the effect that is intended while being softer, which is more likely to be accepted.

The end point is try different things and develop a pattern as to how people generally operate.

This will help you create the effects you want more consistently.


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