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Find Your Inner Drive

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Someone around the world needs your talents.

Sitting and waiting kills hope and dreams.

But when you imagine the infinite potential your talents can provide everything happens easily.

Things start to click naturally and effortlessly.

No matter your products and services someone needs what you have to offer.

The key is to find what you are good at and find the people who want what you are offering.

Not everyone will want what you are selling and that’s okay.

There is no one size fits all.

You can claim anything anything you desire, whatever you desire.

The trick is to find what motivates you into taking action.

For some that could be money, love, work, saving the world, etc.

Don’t worry so much on having the “perfect motivation” as most of it is simply noise anyways.

Logic, does not work very well when it comes to motivation.

Logically, everyone knows what they need to do.

Do your homework, go to work, go to school, etc.

But the challenge is finding the motivation that makes you jump to the next step.

If you can imagine the potential positive desires and anchor it to your habits it will be much easier to take action.

Your natural drive will lead you to what you desire.

With each passing experience you gain more wisdom to enhance your life.

Trial and error is a natural part of life.

Your past has made you wise.

Each and every experience only makes you wiser.

It is really easy to give up on our goals when they seem so difficult or far away.

In the back of your mind remind yourself what you are doing is to serve your higher purpose.

If you can make that connection then the daily grind won’t be so bad.

You may actually enjoy doing what you do because there is MEANING behind what you are doing.

For example, some parents don’t love to work but they do so to provide for their family.

It doesn’t have to be super logical or complicated it simply just needs to MOVE YOU.

Logically, everyone knows what they ought to do – but if the feeling is not there then it will be difficult to take action.

And if you do take action it won’t feel enjoyable.

Remind yourself of your higher purpose and connect that to a feeling.

You don’t have to brainwash yourself to do something you hate.

If you hate it then don’t do it – simple.

This is a mind strategy to get yourself to do what you want to do.

However, everything can be redefined at any moment in time.

Something that was once boring could be exciting with a new perspective.

Imagine if you could effortlessly work on your goals, how long would it take for you to achieve them?

I bet it wouldn’t feel like much effort.

That’s the power behind finding what really motivates you into taking action.

Once, you find what motivates you, everything will come easily.





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