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Past Lives

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Somewhere a point of me feels like I’ve seen all of these memories, and time-lapse. Everything is a blur, but it all feels so feel familiar. As if I did this all once upon a time, many years ago. I’ve unlocked a higher state of consciousness, and this consciousness, the nature of reality feels all so familiar to me.

It seems like a time traveler we “had” the capacity to jump through timelines, dimensions, and what not. Yet, it’s important that most of the realities we can jump into look  the same anyways. So what differs? Your consciousness and the vibration of the reality you are jumping in.

It’s pretty fun and interesting because you never what sort of thing you will find out. Maybe, “we” got bored when we finished the game way back then, so for whatever reason we choose to start from scratch with amnesia.

But, It’s not me, it’s also you. You like me, have done this before, you just have forgotten, I am simply reminding you a memory or a time, in which you will arrive to in the future. You may not believe me yet, but someday you will see what I mean. You will arrive at that stage of consciousness one day, and say to you say “this is enlightenment, and it feels so familiar.”

So what’s the deal with past lives? Reality is simply consciousness uploaded. Source or God is the dream creator he created reality within a sort of blueprint you could say. And I guess, part of the fun is going through life without having the answers. Because, what would be the fun of playing the game when you already know everything, right?

(pesonally, I like to play, when I am good at something ^_^)(Playing when you suck at something is not very fun =/)

Twin Flame

Each soul is incarnated with a twin flame. The opposite gender of whichever gender you choose to incarnate in. What is a Twin Flame? A twin flame is you, in another body. When Source created you, he created a male version and a female version. But, they are essentially one and the same. They just branched off into two different gender.

Why did source do this? For the contrast, for the polarity…Meaning? Let’s pretend source was all alone one day. He then created someone to come play in the game with him.

Source – Adam – Eve

So, then they created the female counter part which was intended to be a mirror of the male(or divine masculine) because the contrast and polarity will keep the balance in check you could say.

But, in certain timelines or realities, I think there was a flaw in the programs. I think Eve disobey Adam, and God’s command and gave in to Satan. And Satan tempted Eve. This story is a great metaphor for many things. Tree of life, twin flame, etc. Everything has a gender. Yin-Yang. Plus-Minus, etc…

Once more the twin flame is essentially yourself in the opposite gender it’s intended to provide the role which they incarnated to do, whatever that is. For one that might be the hero who goes through the game of the twin flame, or the other one might be the observer.

Note: The rules can be altered by individual twin flame as well. Yet, their mission is to create the BEST REALITY for THEMSELVES and the other people in their reality. This is very important to know. Your twin flame role is to support you and help you in creating what is the best reality for you and the other.

Ideally, you could say the reality they have is based on a theme you could say. In law of attraction, we simply call it vibrations. Themes help make the universe simpler it’s like a template. Yet, in the beginning stages their will need to be a trial and error period, like chess or checkers to help create the perfect world. And ultimately, the twin’s flame will unite in mind-body-spirit. Well, that’s the goal at least. Sometime,s twin flames, can take a while to manifest each other or meet up. There is no rush in the process, but ultimately it is the goal to create the perfect reality, perfect relationship, perfect baby, etc. What happens after that? Not sure, I think blessing the others, and helping other people level up and become more like the pair. A twin flame that successfully accomplishes this is the King / Queen(they are the one that represents source the most or are in perfect harmony, or highest awareness).


Sometimes, the twin flame will need to send each other memories to help each update the flaws of the past. This can be done very easily, through text, speaking, etc. It’s really no different than normal human conversation. Just this is done a bit more deliberate and with greater awareness.

Past Lives

Let’s bring this back to past lives, it seems like there are in fact multiple past lives we’ve experienced. You can think even think of yesterday, a year ago, etc.. as a past life. But, when I say past life, I mean different sorts of reality and potential realities with you there. I suppose, like a simulator it depends on probability, on what happen that caused this chain of reaction of events..

How Do You Unlock a Higher Level Consciousness?

By meditating and finding the answers within yourself you will begin to expand in awareness. It is important to keep a journal with to record data that has either helped you or not helped you. If you find yourself lost, take a detox, a break, just get yourself back to a balance state and remove all the junk from the past. Remember, you only want to live in one day that is called today. Because, to source, there are no other days, moments, other than this moment right here.




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