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Respect The Process

Respect The Process

Forcing people to experience what we think they should experience is never the right answer.

It is better to start simple, and small, then extend it once you get more info.

Chances are you probably heard the same stories, problems, desires, fears, etc. already.

But, every process is a process.

And you have to respect the process.

Even if you are a world class psychic or just good at reading people, you have to respect the steps someone needs to make a decision.

For example, if I say I got back problems and someone says I got a pill for that without taking the time to hear me out I am going to assume they don’t get me.

But, if someone listens to my story, tells me other people with back problems solved their problem with MSM(joint pill) then I am more inclined to listen because I feel more secure and I trust the person a lot more.

You could say everyone needs to undergo their own thinking phase before they arrive at a decision.

By skipping the process you force people to make uncertain decisions.

When you respect the process they will trust you, and listen to you more because you heard them out(without judging) and then provided with a solution.

Every single person you meet doesn’t know you, your history, background, etc.

So when they first meet you they are fishing for a few information.

  1. Are you trustworthy?
  2. Can you help?
  3. Is this worth my time?

By safely guiding someone toward their intended desire for whatever their reasons will increase the likelihood of someone listening to the suggestion.

It is best avoid thinking you know the answer even if you do.

Keep that to yourself in the back of your mind.

Most of the time when I am offering advice it’s from the perspective of “this is my opinion and I am not forcing anything onto you.”

People appreciate this perspective because most people try to tell them what they think should do.

And most people are not about this at all.

People hate being told what to do or to be told what to think and how to think.

But, giving a better understanding and changing the way they think of something will produce much better results.

For example, if someone has acne in their face.

I don’t say hey you have acne in your face why don’t you buy some cream to clear your face.

That just sounds dumb and it’s cringey.

It implies a few things.

  1. They wanted advice
  2. They needed advice
  3. They somehow don’t know they have acne in their face

The end result is it just makes them feel terrible and likely to go the other way.

But, when you respect each person as an individual with unique wants-needs-fears, then leading them to your desired outcome will be easier.

And ideally, this doesn’t come from a manipulative type of energy.

Because people will pick that up as well.






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