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See Yourself From Their POV

See Yourself From Their POV

People have all sorts of needs and wants.

Sometimes, we think other people should be the source of our happiness but this is a grave mistake.

As it’s no one’s job to make us happy.

I want you to imagine, you are two people 1 a clone of yourself and the real you or the real you is interacting with other people.

I would like for you to act the way you normally do, but now see it from someone’s point of view.

Are the people in your life feeling empowered, inspired, loved, nurtured, by you?

How do you think people feel around you?

Because we live in a universe of mirroring if we don’t give someone something they won’t reciprocate.

The goal behind this exercise is to get a better understanding of other people EXPERIENCE YOU.

Then without judgement I want you to fully experience everything.

What do you feel from yourself?

Is it positive or negative? Remember, this a judgement free exercise. No one is going to judge you here.

Do the people in your life feel like you are aiding towards their happiness and personal expansion?

Or, do the people in your life feel like you are annoying?

This is very important to note because by seeing it from their point of view you can objectively change what is not working or helping you.

We as people we form all kinds of habits and limiting beliefs.

The problem is when we socialize everyone has their own unique code of honor.

But, if you can see yourself from their perspective looking at you and really experiencing you then you will get a better idea of what people feel towards you.

People will give you MORE if they feel you are contributing to their own overall happiness.

This does not have to be a tic for tac or logical type of deal.

It just simply means people who feel supported will support you back and will make sure you get your needs met.

This is why it’s very important to not be selfish or be a afraid of not getting your needs met.

If you can gain the perspective people are willing to share with you to the extent of how much you are willing to share with them you will get more out of life.

It’s very easy to ask for people to do things for us, but people only do things if they feel they are getting some type of benefit.

And since benefit can literally be anything and it can be literally anything.

Some people enjoy the feeling of helping people. Some do not.

One golden rule if if you want something you have to “go first.”

This takes courage, but, it will GUARANTEE you that people will treat you the way you want to be treated.

People are getting ideas from you on how YOU WANT TO BE TREATED.



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