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Seize The Opportunity Before You Miss Your Chance

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A lot of times people wait and wait until the moment is just right before taking the necessary risk or action to take control of their lives.

But, the moment is never right.

When in doubt slow and steady is the best approach.

But, if you are taking it slow out of fear and staying within your comfort zone you will let plenty of opportunities slide by.

And the Universe works in mysterious ways.

Sometimes, the universe is knocking on your door with plenty of opportunities, but if you are not in the right vibration you will miss the chance and it will be gone.

When you are in the place or space in your life seeing opportunities that is right of you is clear like day.

People don’t have as much as time as they think do.

So, which one is it go slowly or hurry up?!

The answer is somewhere in between and truly you can truthfully answer that question as all of you right now are at different places in your life.

Just remember the universe gives you plenty of opportunities and it’s your responsibility to be proactive when it they do show up.

People like playing the victim, but, we are all given the same opportunities.

Winners create their own luck. Winners know their destiny is in their hands and not forced by the Gods.

The people who are most successful in their lives are the ones who takes control of their own lives.

These are the one who leave childlike mindset behind and enter into the adult world.

These are the people who adapt to the real world and not sit at home and complain about how bad life is.

Everyone can do that in fact it’s so easy that’s what most people do.

They sit at home cry to their mommies how bad life is unfair.

Not even your mommies knows what to do about this either.

Your mommie knows life is tough, and it’s not getting any easier.

How do you know when it’s time to jump in or stay curled up in bed?

It’s not that simple…

The only thing you can go on is your own inner intuition and your current state to determine what is the next best thing to do.

If being at home resting is the next best thing then do that.

If challenging your comfort zone is the next best thing then do that.

Only you can decide when you decide to go forward in your life and how fast or slow you go.

No one can make that decision for you.

But, as a reminder don’t stay too idle or opportunities will slide by left and right.

But, then don’t go too fast either or you will make plenty of mistakes along the way that will just leave you frustrated.

A little bit more each and every time and your victory is guaranteed.

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