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Self Help Gone Wrong

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Self help junkies think if they read more books they will improve.

This is true but only to an extent because while yes it is true the more you know the better you are.

There is a certain point in time when more knowledge is not better because you are essentially relearning the same information over and over again.

At this point one must realize it is time to apply what one has learned.

The magic of any personal development is in the applying not in the reading.

Reading is only the starting point.

So why do people get stuck in self improving themselves?

It is simply because they didn’t actually improve they simply just consumed more and more information.

When self help works you are whole, complete, and fully integrated without really needing much self help anymore.

Self help gone wrong is when you have read all the books and nothing has changed.

And this is because none of those books will do anything unless you integrate the teachings into your spirit.

But, people can sure talk as if they are whole and integrated because they can rehash words.

Also, this is not to say you will ever find yourself in a point in your life when you are “finished” and you are no longer improving.

No, it’s just you like you for who you are and you accept yourself fully for everything that you are.

Of course you will always be improving because that’s what life is about.

There is a certain point in time in your personal development when you have read all the books and now it’s time to start executing what you have learned.

People who find themselves “stuck” haven’t fully done anything but read books.

And this is how you can tell the fakers from the pros.

If you want to be an expert at your craft you have to gain the knowledge and gain the experience and this is what is known as wisdom.

Wisdom is the experience you have gathered that you know is true without needing to question yourself because you have plenty of experiences on why something works the way it does.

Even if all you do is go slowly and apply the learnings that you have studied you will be far ahead of the competition because people are stuck in fear and in their comfort zones.

By expanding your comfort zone slowly you will gain access to a better quality of life which make you more attractive to all.

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