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Were You Hoping For A Happy Ending?

Were You Hoping For A Happy Ending?

Sorry to break it to you but life gives you exactly what you are ready for.

If you are not ready to fly you will be kept at the same place you’ve have always been.

You can think of your comfort zone as an imaginary boundary that is in relationship to your desires.

If your comfort zone is big getting what you want will be easy.

If you comfort zone is small getting what you want will be nearly impossible.

And even if you do get what you want it won’t last long.

So what is the solution?

The solution is to think bigger of ourselves.

Believe that you are fully capable of accomplishing what it is you say you want.

If you haven’t gotten what you wanted by now you really have to ask yourself why is it taking so long?

And if you are really honest with yourself you most likely won’t like the answers.

This means admitting to ourselves we are not quite “there” yet.

I know when I was a kid I was always rushing to get “there” wherever there is.

I would eagerly rush through everything so that I can arrive at some type of finish line.

But no matter what I did I was never “there”.

And that’s because there is no “there.”

Sure, you can  have goals for yourself, but what is stopping you from say being happy right now?

Reality can be devastating at times.

Because we want something, but something is blocking us from what we want.

We know the desire is there, but, the fear overpowers the desire.

And when you mix fear and desire fear always comes out on top.

Disappointment comes when we think life should go a certain way.

But, there is no should.

Life is simply responding to the energies within us.

Very much like the laws of mathematics.

The universe operates within the parameters of its own laws.

Failure to respect the laws will lead to consequences.

Resistance is futile.

If you try to fight the laws of the universe you will lose every time.

But, if you learn to live and coexist within the laws then you will smoothly get to your destination.

Things don’t always happen the way we wish.

And it’s tragic – it really is.

But, it’s a lesson to teach us what we are doing is not working.

What we are doing is creating the very own drama we complain so much about.

Until we raise our vibes higher we constantly be stuck painfully waiting for an escape, but there is none.

Because, until we master the laws of life and our minds life will forever have the last laugh.

But, don’t give up, you can always turn your bad endings into powerful lessons.

One that you can leverage in anyway you like.

Just because you are not “there” doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen but it just may mean you have to expand on yourself and thinking capabilities.

If life is giving you the same result then perhaps it means it’s time to fix what it isn’t working.






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