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Why People Judge Others

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Back when I was a kid and learning about the world.

I would observe other people to learn about life.

I felt uncertain about myself and my place in the world, so, I looked to others to gain second hand experience.

This allowed me to see what I should do or what others are doing to get a better idea on what to do.

And the more you look at others the more you will develop and eye for patterns.

Gradually overtime your intuition will spot all the right answers because you have seen all the patterns and can see the right ones more clearly after seeing all the wrong ones thousands of times.

One problem with this is, though, is too many people look at what other people are doing wrong.

Then not only do they look at them making mistakes they laugh and judge them.

While they sit back and place themselves in a superior position.

Because watching other people take action and judging them for it is easy. Most people do this.

To put yourself in the position where you are constantly being judged is hard.

Our instincts literally gets stressed when we have too much spotlight on ourselves(unless you enjoy attention).

You can consider the idea that we look at others to see what we should do or avoid in ourselves.

Especially, when we are young we look at the grown ups and see how the talk and behave.

But, there comes to a point when looking at others and what they are doing is a waste of time and very low vibration.

Because, the only person life you should live is your own. Your focus by default should be set onto your self.

The camera and lens of your reality is supposed to be on self and not others.

We are social species though, and we observe others because it helps gain valuable insight on HUMAN BEHAVIOR and how to socialize.

You can think of this as a way we to practice or prepare for future social events.

By watching and observing others you can know what to do and what to avoid when you get in that same situation.

One mistake people often make is that they think by looking at others it is somehow excludes them from going through the process themselves.

Anyone can sit back and judge others.

But taking daily action in your life through all your problems – now that is a real challenge.

Finding the strength and courage to go through your own life is the real challenge, not looking at others and their flaws.

You can think of judging others as another defense mechanism, but, one can be helpful by observing and watching others you gain valuable human insight.

Problem is people judge through their own filters and biases, how do they know what they assume or even see is true.

Maybe, it’s just something they are seeing based upon their own assumptions.

Last but not least, people watch others to have something to talk about.

We are social species after all and by looking at what others are doing we have more to talk about, which makes ourselves more interesting.

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