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Here Is A Quick LIFT MODE REVIEW | Davinci Neptune

This is a Lift Mode Review, Davinci Neptune shares his thoughts on Lift Mode. Click the link for more info.

Lift Mode Review

This article will be Lift Mode Review, a quick overview on the company, products, and my thoughts and options of the company.

I’ve started using Life Mode during a moment in my life while I was suffering a myriad of health issues.

And, I gotta say, I fell in love with the company instantly. They provide a wide range of options for different types of health issues.

Below, will be my experience with the company products, and what I think of Lift Mode as a whole.

Lift Mode Phenibut

If you are suffering from anxiety Lift Mode Phenibut will provide you the relief. It is a very popular choice for anyone dealing with social anxiety and works by targeting the gaba receptors. Which is similar to how Xanax, and other benzo works. But, they target different gaba receptors. Phenebut, targets gaba-b. Which makes it a safer alternative to benzo. The only danger is you can only use it for 2x – 3x a week. Otherwise, you may experience major side effects.

Lift Mode Caffeine

The first thing I bought at Lift Mode is Lift Mode Caffeine. And, I bought Lift Mode L-Theanine with it. The two in combination works wonders. As a big health fanatic , I’ve tried plenty of health products and supplements the combo of Caffeine + L-Theanine was one of the first to dramatically improve the quality of my life. I was suffering from fatigue issues, as well as other health issues. And the combo, while was not a limitless pill, it was a big game changer when I first discovered it. And, I highly recommend caffeine and L-Theanine especially to newbies. It gives you the right flow of energy yet relaxed. Think of it like Green Tea, yet stronger. In fact, both ingredients can be found in green just at a very low dose.

What I noticed from Lift Mode Caffeine and Lift Mode L-Theanine is a higher drive to get out of the bed without the morning grogginess. If you are not a morning person the combo, will completely cut that down by at least 50%. Caffeine and L-Theanine is one of the first supplements that have worked for me and as such they are near and dear in my heart. At this point of time, I have a huge caffeine tolerance, and caffeine basically just wakes me up, but is not a big boost like it used to.

It literally was like a poor man’s adderall for me. Woke me up in the morning, destroyed any feelings of fatigue and got me motivated for the day. Caffeine was my go to drug to help me socialize, and be more productive. Unfortunately, now a days I require something strong. I still recommend Lift Mode Caffeine by. I bought my like 3-4 years ago and I still have a bunch lying around.

About $16+ shipping is 400 Grams of pure caffeine. At that price it will last you a life time.

Click here to visit the Lift Mode Website (15% with my coupon code)

I strongly recommend lift mode caffeine if you are struggling with energy or feel fatigue. Definitely, will give you a kick.

If however, like me you need something even stronger. I currently use, something Gorilla Mind Rush. Gorilla Mind Rush is by far one of the best focus formula on the market. And believe me I have tried plenty. Dosage range ideally is 3 – 6. Despite being called “rush” it is a very much zen mode focus that makes you feel in the zone and in the flow without the jitterness. Surprisingly, I feel little nervousness or jitterness, even when I take a high dose of around 6 capsules. Gorilla Mind Rush is incredible for focus and I’d say is a must have, especially for the price. If you need something stronger than regular caffeine than grab Gorilla Mind Rush using that link.

Lift Mode Caffeine Vs Gorilla Mind Rush

If you are debating between the two, I would just pick up Gorilla Mind Rush as it provides a wide range of cocktail including caffeine-theanine in the mix. But, if for whatever reason you just want to isolate the ingredients and have the powder isolated. Then go with the lift mode. You get high value at very affordable price. If you just had to just one I’d go with the Gorilla Mind Rush for your all in focus pill in a bottle. This is not to discredit lift mode by any means. Lift Mode has plenty of other options for you. Just Gorilla Mind Rush, is hard to beat. I’ve personally recommend having a bottle at hand always. It even works well to counter withdrawals of any other hard stims, and I’ve used one capsule with other “drugs” and it still works fine because it counters some of the side effects.

Lift Mode Website

One final thing, the website is very user friendly. Extremely easy to navigate. Very professional, and I love how the team behind Lift Mode handles their customers. Anything you want to know, whether it be questions or comments, the team is there willing to back you up instantly. They are very responsive, and willing to help answer any questions at all. Lift Mode is super user friendly, with great customer service. They have plenty of supplements to choose from, that are all high grade and tested for safeness.

Where To Grab The Supplements? ( Click on the links down below for more info)

Davinci Neptune Supplement Line

Lift Mode Website

The best place to get your supplements Here’s your 15% off all products discount  Use the following discount code at LiftMode to get 15% off all products! R3F3RR4LT3N – – –

Gorilla Mind Rush

Gorilla Mind Rush is the number one focus formula on the market at an unbelievable price. Personal favor, and I know you will love Gorilla Mind Rush.


This concludes my thoughts on lift mode. There are personally one of my go to vendors for a wide range of supplements because they are very cost efficient. My only issue with lift mode is they don’t have the strongest products in the market. And what I mean by this is there are other more POWERFUL SUPPLEMENTS you can get on the web. However, all of lift mode products are safe, user friendly, and will work for most people.

And, as I mention before if you are looking for something even stronger than the caffeine and L-Theanine combo by Lift Mode, I recommend Gorilla Mind Rush which is the best focus formula by far. At a price you cannot beat. For more information visit the links above, and if you are interested in purchasing the products click on the links above it will take you directly to the website.

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