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How To Use The Law of Attraction To Attract Your Desires

How To Use The Law of Attraction To Attract Your Desires

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In this article, we will discuss How To Use The Law of Attraction To Attract Your Desires. Whether you are a Law of Attraction Pro, newbie, or any level this article will be quick and to the point to help you manifest your desires effortlessly. Many of us, think the Law of Attraction needs to be difficult or complicated, and yet, it can be made very simple. You must first be honest with your own personal intentions and desires and you will create miracles! Learn how to attract your desires effortlessly with this article.

Without further ado let’s begin. The law of attraction is the force that governs the universe. It’s a somewhat push-pull magnetic force that brings you the stuff that is in a vibrational match to what you put inside the machine. 

Imagine there was an imaginary fairy wish generator called “God” and you have a cable on top of your head that that goes to God. God then creates a reality based on the sort of stuff you input on the machine. 

In chemistry, the scientist mixes different sort of chemicals during his experiment and there is a reaction which create a new chemical compound. Similarly, our thoughts are the chemicals and the mind is the lab. Different sort of thoughts puts you in different “vibrational states” and aligns you to other things that are a match to that desire: People, Events, Things, Movies, Books, and anything else.


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Did you guys ever play with magnets when you were little? The Law of Attraction is like a pair of magnets that attract the stuff you think about. You will then also repel things that are not within your mini-universe or reality. 

The Secret for Attracting Your Desires

One of the easiest and simplest ways to attract your desire is, to be honest and clear with your intentions. You cannot attract the stuff you are uncertain about. You cannot attract things that you don’t know exist, you cannot attract things you partially accept – partially reject. You must be very clear and honest with yourself to the point the universe fully understands and provides you everything your heart desire’s. Because desire is the greatest gift to man. Without desires, nothing would exist. 

Take a look around you everything exists because a desire exists in someone’s mind-body system and they seek more of something whether be love, money, and/or sex. Everything around you is created because someone has a desire. And in order to fulfill their desires, they must contribute to the world in some shape and form.

In addition, you must be willing to move towards the direction of your desires. You attract everything depending on your thought, and, anything you put forward in your space(mind-body). For example, if you go to a certain store you attract the possibilities of the goods that store contains. If you go to a different store you attract those goods that contains.

The same can be said about people. Each person contains properties, attributes, qualities, and when you surround yourself with those people you get attract their “spirit” in your reality. 

The secret behind attracting anything effortlessly is first to plant the seeds on the soil of your mind and ignite the spark of desire that creates a forward motion propelling you towards your desires. Then, you must go closer and closer to your desire.

Some people do the opposite towards the desire they want they run away and hide. This is not a big mistake. Your desires cannot find you if you are hiding. They might try to look for you, but, they cannot find you. So you need to be honest with yourself and openly accept your desire and then, move towards the direction of the store. Just like a little kid in a toy store, they see something they want and they move towards it without hesitation.

So, I ask you this, we are moving towards 2019, What Do You Want?  

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