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Never Change For A Women – Davinci Neptune

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Most women have ideas of what they think they want.

They have a giant laundry list of what they actually believe they want.

Attraction is not about what she says she wants, RAW attraction, is about mating.

It has nothing to do with what she thinks or says she wants.

It is simply mate-ability.

You turn her on and she would mate with you.

Normally women have ideas think they want in a man – things they say they want.

Then they find a man who has those qualities and stuff on the list, but she is not attracted.

Why is that? It’s because, she is not attracted to HIM.

When a women is attracted to a guy, the laundry list goes out the window.

Because no matter what he does she finds him attractive.

She doesn’t always understand why she finds him attractive, just that she feels a compulsion to be with him.

This is in contrast to what she think or says she wants.

Once, a women finds a man she is attracted to it doesn’t matter if he fits the laundry list or not, because, raw attraction is instinctual.

As instinctual as eating.

She either feels it or doesn’t.

There is much you can do to force a women to be attracted to you she usually knows within the first few seconds whether or not she is attracted to you or not.

But, we as men can learn how to adopt attractive qualities women are attracted to, to be more attractive to women.

This isn’t to say you can work on qualities to attract a specific women, but you can work on yourself to attract women in general by working on yourself.

By improving yourself as a man.

Generally, it’s best to stick to your guns, and stick to what you are best and can do as opposed to morph yourself into what they want.

Because, this will take time and will be awkward and even stress. Which will also cause you to feel not good enough.

But, this isn’t to say not to improve yourself because you want to.

Self-improvement should be a lifestyle thing anyways.

That’s the problem with trying to project a certain persona, because at some point you cannot keep up the fake persona long enough.

And no matter what you do she is stuck with just you. The you, the space, the person.

There will be a moment when you run out of things to say and keep the act anymore, and all that’s left with is you.

So when in doubt, stick to who you and yet at the same keep improving yourself as a man.

But, NEVER, change for one girl specifically.

Change yourself and improve yourself because you want, and not for one girl who has a certain taste.

You won’t be able to keep up the act.

Never change for a women, change for yourself.

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