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Society Rewards Winning

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In the game of life society rewards only those who make right answers in life. This make sense. This is why you always often see us behave in ways that are not very true to our own nature or “inauthentic.” Society has its own rules and by sticking to the rules (or conformity) you get more rewards and benefits for winning. There is absolutely no reward in losing. Losing in society and the game of life is very much similar to dying.

When you make a mistake in social situations do you get rewarded? Do you make friends or family? Do you get the job you want? Of course not! Instead, you get reminded how much of a failure you are and why your whole life is a mistake. That is why as much as much as we try to be true to ourselves and our own nature, it is often times better to play it safe, and just follow the template or protocols.

Am I against the be yourself or be authentic movement? No, I am I encourage it and I am all for it. I believe in life you SHOULD be true to your nature and EXPRESS YOURSELF down to your fullest essence.

Unfortunately, society doesn’t quite work that way. Unless you being yourself is favorable and profittable to what society agree with at the current time, you will crash and burn every time. Society will make sure you conform to the way of the world. Thus this is the game of life. You will learn the rules, or you will pay the consequences.

I know for a fact in my own life, I’ve witnessed this. Whenever you are out of nature’s rhytem or the rhythm of the universe bad things will happen friends. It has been proven to me every single time of my life. Any time I was out of sync with nature, I was not rewarded with anything. And, I mean anything at all. Life made me suffer, and through my suffering, I have this thing call wisdom. Wisdom that cannot be bought, and is only earned in the hardest way possible which is to make mistake after mistake. And, I’ve made plenty of mistakes. Yet, when I was growing up I seen life as an experiment. Something to test, try, and see what would happen.

As an adult you get used to the rules and tend to play it safe. Ever heard the saying “it’s hip to be square.” The quote itself comes from a song and it means being cool is conforming to life. Now am I saying conformity is an evil of the world? No…not quite. Yet, losing yourself for the world is failure. But, failure is also being yourself, and not getting your needs met. So I suppose you have to choose what you want.

But, perhaps friends, there is a happy middle which you can conform to the way of the world and be rewarded for being yourself. I suppose you can call this the happy middle. Or the perfect answer. Many of us love perfect answers because they are perfect. But, one thing we fail to understand about the perfect answer, is they ARE THE PERFECT CASE SCENARIO – meaning; it will be rare. And because it is rare most of us will never see it. Does it exist? Sure, most likely does. But it is rare.

If you want to win, do what the universe wants and you will be rewarded. Being overly creative is a grave mistake and you will learn over time. Once more am I against creativity? No, I encourage it as well. Yet, like all things the universe will win and you will just become what the universe had plan for anyways. The universe seems to have its rules and laws and when you deviate from it you will always lose.

Even the idea of becoming true to your nature, my also be a mere delusion. That could just be the universe directing you to where you would likely be successful.

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