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Why The Law of Attraction Is One Of The Biggest Scams

Why The Law of Attraction Is One Of The Biggest Scams - Davinci Neptune

The law of attraction states you can create your reality by controlling your thoughts and emotions.

What you believe will manifest.

So far so good!

So what’s the problem?

When people read the law of attraction and how positive thinking and all they have to do is think, think, think and everything they want will fall on their laps.

This is a very dangerous position to put yourself in because you will waste a lot of time thinking and waiting for something to happen.

The main point of the law of attraction is to create what it is you want in your mind, so you subconscious attract the things you think about with strong emotions.

Beliefs do turn in reality, but, not just the random thoughts that have no power.

Many people turn to the law of attraction because it is very attractive.

I can attract millions by just sitting here.

I can attract my dream partner by just sitting here.

Everything will come to my lap all I have to do is think.

There is a major flaw here!

And that is we still live in the physical world and nothing falls down from the sky.

I challenge you to think about money falling from the sky.

Have fun waiting, because, it will never come.

People find the law of attraction super sexy because it puts them in receiver mode of not actually needing to do anything.

Of not needing to be responsible.

But, this is NOT what the law of attraction is saying.

The law of attraction states you attract what you are a vibration match and once you are in alignment you will bring like energy.

The problem with this is people have the wrong idea of what this means.

They take the passive approach to mean they can just sit there and receive.

As if someone will come and save them.

Change is a gradual process.

To become a vibrational match with something you have to bring it to your awareness.

You have to take daily action in your life that is also done by what you are thinking about.

Then you have to FEEL IT to MATERIALIZE IT.

This is all very passive once it becomes a part of your being.

Very much like eating food, we don’t have to think to eat we just know it’s time to eat.

The point of your thoughts is to bring awareness to what you WANT which will make you attract and be open to receiving as they say.

But, without really feeling or really believing it is just wishful thinking.

You have to think and take daily action into your life.

No matter how big or small.

This is a big mistakes people who are fans of the law of attraction make.

They miss the whole point because they are clinging on to a power outside of themselves.

More precisely once you become a vibrational match to your desire you will manifest it without effort.

Because, all your parts in alignment with what you say you want.

Resistance will popup when there are hidden fears which will block the flow and the process of manifesting what you want.

And this is why the law of attraction is one of the biggest scams.

And leads people to think they can just sit there and do nothing.

Which is very attractive and super sexy to be honest.

But, it’s not really the law of attraction fault.

It’s people who buy into the idea that you can get something for nothing.

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