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Why Women Try To Strip You Of Your Power

Why Women Try To Strip You Of Your Power

Women will try to strip you of your power especially if she is insecure they will try multiple game playing test to see if you can handle it.

They just want to see how you react and what type of guy you are.

The more healthy she is as a women the less game playing she will perform.

The more immature she is the more games, manipulations, lies, and the more she will try to control you.

When it comes to love, love is simply about having fun with your partner.

The more games she plays the more immature you can assume she is.

As I mentioned before, women do this to test you as a man and to see how you will react to them.

They sometimes, also, do this to force drama and enact scenes from their favorite movies.

Hollywood and movies has women believe all sorts of things that they actually believe to be true.

And when they meet men they interact with them based on what they see on movies, which, is far from the true nature of reality.

Even good girls or nice girls may try to strip you from your power as man.

However, the right girl, who loves you, respects you, will treat you right. 

The right women, will play a lot less games because she ALREADY likes you.

When a women plays games it’s because she just wants to see what the guy can handle.

Do not give into her childish silly games and pranks. Let he know your a man, who can handle, her little games.

Because that’s what it implies…

If you cannot handle her silly games, it implies you cannot handle her or the entirely of her.

Which she will see you as unqualified to be with her and create a relationship with her.

I do want to note, most women(especially today) will play some type of games, especially if you are just meeting random people.

However, the game playing dies when you find a girl who loves you for who you are because she is attracted and sees you as a keeper.

A lot of the game playing women do is about control, their immaturity, testing, etc.

You can think of dating as the man applying for a job.

The women by default has all the power and control, but you can change the whole script, by upping your “game”(or social skills).

Women take advantage of guys who don’t have no game, but they also use sex for control to manipulate guys who are thirsty.

Sometimes, you have to cater to their egos, just to win her over. 

It really depends on you and the girl.

Attraction and sexual attraction is very egoistical.

People all want power.

People hate being weak and powerless.

Women try to control their man to maximize their benefits while minimizing the pains.

This is common in business – maximize your profits and minimize your losses.

The battle of male and female is the battle for control(or who gets power in the relationship).



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