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Women are manipulative(just accept it)

Women are manipulative(just accept it) - Davinci Neptune

Women are very clever and most women are very sneaky and manipulative.

Many women test men with their childish games,  but, once you set a boundary, and call them out on their psychological games, they switch over to victim mentality.

Women know they have men wrapped around on their finger tips and can generally get away with whatever they want because they are women.

This is not something that most say directly, but, is in fact something they know since childhood.

By just being a girl people are more nice to you.

The double standard with women is unreal, unfair, but it is human nature.

Why? Because men and women are different.

Men and women are designed for different roles and have different traits about themselves.

Whereas men tend to be more direct, women tend to be more passive and indirect.

Women are better at the psychological warfare because that’s what they are more suited for.

Winning the art of seduction and charming people with their beauty and niceness.

Like it or not there is a lot of things that are not fair in this world if we are being perfectly honest.

Human nature simply is what it is and the closer you get to objective reality the better your overall life will be.

We silly humans think we can force reality to be what we will but this earth has been around a lot longer than us silly humans.

But humans can still try!

Do I think women are all out to get you?

No, not quite, but today most people are spoiled because they have a piece of pussy.

Just try arguing with women they are almost never wrong, even when they are wrong.

No one likes to feel WRONG(especially women).

No one likes to admit they are wrong about something this is not a pleasant experience for anyone.

Like that saying goes “If I am wrong about something educate me don’t belittle me.”

How do you deal with women and their games?

This is very tricky…

Because they like to feel like they are winning(whatever that means).

Sometimes, you have to allow them to win, to feed their ego and keep the peace.

Sometimes, you have to assert yourself and defend your position as a man.

Sometimes, you have to be patient when they are having their tantrums and in their “feelings”.

Women are definitely the more complex species, they even pride themselves in being the more complex of the gender.

Being complicated with problems is not a special award though, some pride themselves of being a hot mess.

I suppose to find humor in their misery.

Look am I saying all women are bad?

No, not really!

Great women are a joy to be around, and is what we men fight for.

We as men fight for the presence of a beautiful women with a heart of gold(which is rare today).

Nothing is to bash the women, but, it is to teach awareness of the true light of human nature and that things are more than looks and appearances.

People love to live in the fantasy world of that which they desire to be, but, not really there yet.

They want to be something more than what they currently are.

And, shattering their reality is a HUGE blow to their egos.

No one likes to feel put down or lesser than what they think of themselves.

Everyone wants to feel good about themselves and that they are great human being with many great things about.

People like compliments more than insults.

Sometimes with women you lose either way and you have to learn to roll with the punches because with some of them they are no winning outcomes.

You have to learn how to handle their quirks and provide them space to express their nature(whatever that may be).

Yet, you cannot allow yourself to be overwhelmed and drowned by their energy or you will lose!

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