Obey Your Masters

Obey Your Master

Life is very complex for sure.

Who leads who in the social situation? There are obviously a mix of variables occurring with the “leadership” dynamic. And to make it harder leadership is not static.

Life is very awkward for wise spiritual man such as myself because I walk the earth in the humblest way possible. Because I don’t really care about these pity simple things.

Usually the one with the most money is the leader. Or, if you have the most spiritual wisdom you “should” be the leader of the interaction. However, there are a lot of weird variables in life.

Let’s say you are the higher spiritual person and you go to someone’s home – who leads? You or them? Well, technically under their roof it’s THEM. We can stretch this also in school environments and work areas.

One thing people don’t like to do is lose the frame or power. Which is why things are extremely awkward. A man with my level wisdom going to situations where I am “higher” than and then I have to lower my frame. There are ways to alter the environment so you can somewhat outframe them. But, this route is NOT recommended.

It is very confrontation. It also begs the questions if you are the higher status/ wisest / spiritual WHY ARE YOU EVEN THERE?

So, the way you outframe people who at a higher level is this. It will create drama which is why I don’t like this route. You pretty much one up them. But, here is the thing they can just kick you out, lol. Again, the environment has it’s own structure so when you go in there by default you are the lower status.

And the way you become the leader of an environment like that is to beat the leader in a showdown. I prefer not to do this I can if I wanted to, but…

Think about it this way…

In the jungle, you are a man, and a man has a woman you like. The women like the other guy and won’t surrender to you. What do you do? One option is to beat the crap out of him. Because women pair bond themselves to stronger like creature because they need protection for themselves and their baby.

Plus, the stronger creature will most likely give them access to better resources.

In a social situation you show them you are more skilled and you make their points invalid. Once they are embarrassed in front of the tribe they will feel the pressure and attempt to protect their position. Because they are supposed to be the “leader” of the interaction, so if you, the lower status person tries to outdo them it makes very awkward.

Which is pretty hilarious if you think about it. Because it’s kinda like do we let people be themselves or do we set up all of these conditional to the structure. Because I promise you if you are the leader of your environment most likely you won’t like it when an intruder invades in your territory and threatens your “authority.”

However, WHAT IF they are the higher status/wisest/most spiritual person. What then?

If you are spiritual I would avoid getting stuck in environments in general(school, work, etc).

If you do bump into someone who is the more spiritual person and they are getting you tips and suggestions just give a slight bow of your head and let them “master” you temporarily. The ego hates this and will try to rebuttal because it wants to be in charge.

They are people above me that I bump into as well and I humble myself to them. They are spiritually more powerful than myself and I allow them to have a slightly stronger dominant frame. But here is the thing, with me, none of that even matters. People with me can just relax and be themselves. I embrace whatever and whoever they are.

Now obviously you don’t have to do this ALL THE TIME, but, know when there is a time when your master corrects you that you just accept the loss.

The other day I spoke to one of my buddies. I told him something that he didn’t quite like very well. He corrected me and I could sense I was in the wrong.

And I replied to him “ok.”

But, it was a different type of ok.

It was more like this ok = I am sorry, my bad.

And I just accepted the loss.


So what am I saying? I am saying accept the wisdom of the higher wisdom when you “feel” they are in the right. Or if you can “sense” they are higher level let them control the frame. And then later you will “level up” after the interaction. However, life isn’t so black and white…Also, if you are a higher level than your the environment you are in WHY ARE YOU EVEN THERE?

If you are a higher level than just create your own environment and be the leader and people will follow you.

PS: If you are spiritual I would avoid work, school, and all the other crap because they will constantly bring you down to their level. Now, the issue is, even if you are spiritual you still have to make money and you have to compromise a bit. Tricky Tricky….

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