This is a Lift Mode Review, Davinci Neptune shares his thoughts on Lift Mode. Click the link for more info.

Here Is A Quick LIFT MODE REVIEW | Davinci Neptune

Lift Mode Review This article will be Lift Mode Review, a quick overview on the company, products, and my thoughts and options of the company. I’ve started using Life Mode during a moment in my life while I was suffering a myriad of health issues. And, I gotta say, I fell in love with the company instantly. They provide a wide range of options for different types of health issues. Below, will be my experience with the company products, and what I think of Lift Mode as a whole. Lift Mode Phenibut If you are suffering from anxiety Lift Mode… Read More »Here Is A Quick LIFT MODE REVIEW | Davinci Neptune
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How to Deal with Narcissist People

How to Deal with Narcissist People Have you ever met someone who could never be wrong in a conversation? These people always had to be right about nearly everything. Even with small mundane topics. Narcissist people hate to admit they are flawed in some kind of way. Narcissism is not even a real disorder. It is a made up disorder created by the person who believes they have NPD(narcissism personality disorder). In other words, people create their own fantasy in their mind, and they live out their fantasy in their real world. The narc, is someone who wants to admired,… Read More »How to Deal with Narcissist People
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Never Put Women On A Pedestal | Davinci Neptune

In this article we talk about why you should never put women on a pedestal. Women are confusing creatures and by listening to this audio you will learn why you put yourself first and not women! Until Next Time, With Love, Davinci Neptune Davinci Neptune Recommend Resources Davinci Neptune Ebooks Manifest Shortcuts: Discover The Ancient Secrets of Magic and Create Any Life You Want  Women’s Brain Decoded:How To Put Anyone Under Your Love Spell DOMINATE THE ONLINE BUSINESS GAME: How To Make A Six Figure Online Business Davinci Neptune Affirmations/Hypnosis… Comprehensive manual and powerful subliminal programming. Davinci Neptune Supplement… Read More »Never Put Women On A Pedestal | Davinci Neptune
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What Does Your Wife Want From You? – Davinci Neptune

What Does Your Wife Want From You? Your wife wants you to be yourself. Your full authentic self. This means you must be selfish even if you have to. Now, if you are the beta male nice guy, and that’s who you are then your wife wants you to be that way too. Why? Because, that’s who you really are. In that sense, your wife wants you to be selfish. Selfishly be  yourself. We get this all confused because we listen to what society wants for us and you get peer pressured into being something you are not. But, the… Read More »What Does Your Wife Want From You? – Davinci Neptune
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Social Status, Social Game, Hierarchy, more

Social Status, Social Game, Hierarchy, more People who are consumed with social status and social hierarchy all want power, authority, leadership, social status in the social game. Because, they are consumed by social status they are naturally connected to everything superficial in the world. Not understanding the social game, is an illusion, something to pass the time and not something to take super seriously.   While hierarchy exist in the human world the same is true in the animal world. But, the issue is not hierarchy per se. The issue is people who are running hierarchy. Can you really trust… Read More »Social Status, Social Game, Hierarchy, more
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What to do in new relationships?

What to do in new relationships? In new relationships, especially spiritual ones it is important to start slow. This is a golden rule even in the dating game in the modern world. Because, if you reveal too much too early you lose attraction which will terminate the cat and mouse game before it even started. For this article, let’s skip the approaching part as that would make this more messy. First, start with the basics very important you do this part of the human interaction because it will help to break the ice easily, and it will make connection. This… Read More »What to do in new relationships?
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Health is number 1

During my battle with the nasty side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, constipation, hemrroids, abdominal pain, and other horrible side effect I rediscovered the ancient truth of why health is number one. The most important thing in the world is not money; it is health. If you do not have health you have NOTHING. Let me cover a little back story about why I started taking drugs in the first place. I’ve been dating a beautiful girl for months(or what seems like months) or years. Recently we have been going tons of inner turmoils, resistances, power battle dynamic, fight for control,… Read More »Health is number 1
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Life is much more than pain and suffering

I feel like I am beating a dead horse saying the things over and over. But, it’s important that the universe understands that, there is more to life than pain{black magic,shadow,trauma,death,bdsm,pain,suffering,lonliness,etc(other negative conditions). Love is GIVING, SACFRICING, IT IS KIND AND FORGIVING. Love gives and gives NOT TAKES. Taking is for LOSERS. When you love someone you GIVE that’s how you show you love them. This is not to say taking is wrong. But, it is to say you should not depend on anyone to give you free stuff. Because that sets the basis for a transaction relationship.  

How to get what you want

Instead of chasing or condemning your desires. BE INSPIRED TO MOVE IN THAT DIRECTION. Make it fun for you and your friends. Ideally, moving towards your desire ought to feel enjoyable. It should feel effortless because you love what you want.  

What to do if you are hyper?

What to do if you are hyper? Ouch. Yikes! Being hyper is very difficult state to be in. Because once you are up it’s hard to go down. What can you do? Take supplements that will DOWN you. Things like XANAX, L-THEANINE, Gorilla Mind Rush. Will help bring you back down. Stop spirituality if you must. Get yourself back grounded. Listen to music that feels right. Remember friends it’s harder to GO DOWN THAN UP. Once your up it’s hard to go down. It’s much easier to add energy but not calm your state. Which is way when in down… Read More »What to do if you are hyper?